You didn’t come here to live inside the box of someone else’s creation. That means… questioning everything. EVERYTHING. There’s this phenomenon that’s arisen in the last decade or so, of coaches and “experts” creating freedom lifestyle businesses by coaching others in their “signature system” to get results in a specific area of their life.

Which, honestly, I’m not knocking the model … it’s important and necessary and provides structure for those who are ready to make the leap into the “self-authoring” stage of life, in which you can design your own business and create “success on your own terms” as the saying goes.

AND. If you leave your job and step into someone else’s model for “how to do business,” is it *really* your most authentic expression of you?

If your purpose work feels more stressful than joyful, three stories commonly pop up:

 “Marketing! I need a better marketing strategy!”

 “If I could just nail my message, I’ll be all set.”

 Or “I must have a limiting belief that’s stopping me.”

These arise, because that’s what is “out there” in the white noise created by people who target coaches as their target market — you must need marketing, strategy, messaging, social media, funnels, or mindset work to “fix” your problem of “not enough clients yet.”

True. AND… incomplete.

You don’t need to solve the problem of “not enough clients.”

 The problem is wanting to resolve YOU. 

By that I mean, you aren’t yet bringing ALL of you into your work. You’re not yet expressing the truth of who you REALLY are.

You’re not yet embodying your message.

➡️ Because if you’re here as part of the shift in consciousness, the revolution in leadership or wellness or sustainability or mindfulness that we’re all living right now, it’s not enough to be another talking head “blah blah blah” being visible with your message or doing livestreams or getting your words right or whatnot. ⬅️

While on one level it’s about all the marketing stuff, on another level it is just not at all about any of the stuff.

It’s about you doing what *really* makes you come alive, and thinking CREATIVELY about how you want to play with people, serve your audiences, and share your unique medicine.

Because when you’re just being you, “marketing” and “selling” feel easy.

You’re just doing what you love and inviting people to join you for more experiences that light them up, too.

Instead of learning how to do a textbook-perfect webinar, what if you hosted a mini-experience of your work at the gym where you’re already teaching yoga or spin class or fitness classes, at the riding arena where you’re already working with horses and people who share your love for horses, or on the mountain where you’re already out trail-running or snowboarding?

Instead of stressing about how many social media posts you are doing or not doing, what if you just invited people to join you at the art studio for a self-expressive experience, or at the amusement park for a roller-coaster ride that mirrors their personal journey with their hormones or stress or nutrition or whatever it is you help them with, and lead that experience into a deeper conversation about what you stand for, what they really need to know, and an invitation into playing with you in deeper ways?

Of course you can still do webinars and social media posts. It’s not an either-or thing.

 But you will have way more fun, and experience vastly more effective results, when you JUST DO YOU… and share it. 

My clients have taken people mountain climbing, kayaking, monarch-butterfly-watching in Mexico, bicycling in Spain, singing in the rain, painting in a labyrinth, canoeing in a mountain stream, cooking with locals in small villages, fingerpainting in an art museum, and much more.

The common denominator? These activities create flow states. Pure presence and engagement, in which you lose track of time.

 Joy. Presence. Aliveness.

If your marketing is not expressing the authentic ALIVENESS of you, it’s just adding to the white noise of our burgeoning infobesity epidemic.

We don’t need more “information.”

💡💡💡 We are yearning to COME ALIVE. 💡💡💡

What lights you up, is what will draw your peeps to you, too.

If you’d like support in bringing your unique medicine into the world, in a way that lights you up and magnetizes your soulmate clients to you, you’re invited to join me for the 2020 cohort of Quantum Play Facilitator Training, starting in January.

The power of Quantum Play itself, is that it calibrates you to YOU — we play in such a way that you REMEMBER WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE YOU, uninhibited, joyful, and free.

And then, with the support of me and a tribe of like-minded originals, revolutionaries, and leading edge creators, you find your own path into growing your business YOUR way, way “outside the box” of what you see on social media or in hotel conference room events.

Over ten months of soul-aligned support, you’ll learn the Quantum Play foundations and then apply them to creating your own methodology or “signature system” — the difference being that your “system” will integrate your playful, expressive, creative, holistic approach, not just chunks of information.

(Your “system” may include the phase in which people go out and play in the dirt, skip through the airport, experiment with kelp noodles, do yoga on a paddleboard, sprout their first mung bean, or get drummed in the center of a drumming circle, I don’t know! It’s your own fun and creative magic that will emerge. 

Bringing in the joy not only makes your work stand out in a crowded market and helps your clients get more powerful results, it also makes you vastly more effective, energized, clear, productive, and magnetic.

🌟 What brings me joy today, is extending an additional $500 off the earlybird registration rates, to those of you who apply this week. 🌟

Full details are at

Here’s a pic from one of my events, in which we started the morning with qigong on the beach in Thailand.

Joygasmic Business = You Do You. What will your version be?

As I said at the beginning… Question everything. Including this post. This is my truth. What’s true for you?