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Articles, Videos, and Musings on Living in Awe


Do you know your value?

Do you know your value? I mean... REALLY know the value of who you are. Because until you truly, deeply value yourself, you're likely tolerating a level of struggle and stress that you really don't need to: Accommodating others' needs before your own. Undercharging...

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The cure for living half-assed

Well, here's a sure recipe for suffering: (And... scroll down for the simple cure, too...) Live your life with the brakes on. Half-assed, partly committed but not really “all in.” Saying you want to do things but then not doing the inner and outer work to be congruent...

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Oh no. I was wrong.

Whoooo boy, it's getting deep in here. Here are some of my client's stories from this week: "It seems like such a good idea and it could be really fun, but I have no idea how I would sell it... who would buy it?" "WHY am I even doing this? I have put SO much money and...

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The Rising Feminine Calls for Play

The energy of the spring equinox this week stirred up some powerful energy for me as I found myself unearthing even deeper layers of the suppressed feminine within myself, uncoiling and repatterning yet more ancient ancestral and personal patterns around not having a...

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Spread Your Wings...

“Anne has been my catalyst for massive change and awakening of my true essence.   She reminds me through compassion and laughter to spread my wings to much greater heights than I have, up until now, allowed myself to go.”


Awesomeness is the evolutionary growth plate we're being called to birth:  the key to unlocking our full potential as conscious creators and joyful architects of the new world.



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