“Anne has been my catalyst for massive change and awakening of my true essence.   She reminds me through compassion and laughter to spread my wings to much greater heights than I have, up until now, allowed myself to go.”

geeking out on the Game of Life

While doing some Quantum Play yesterday, I found myself doing a striking motion with my arm -- as if planting a stake in the ground, claiming this "territory", taking a stand, and roaring. In the moment, I couldn't quite access the deeper knowing of what this meant,...

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you inspire me

I'm tuning in to what's alive in this community of powerful women -- you, who is reading this -- and just feeling so inspired and awe-struck by what we -- together -- are co-creating in the world. Here we are in 2019, a year that's certain to be fraught with more...

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thank god it’s falling apart

Welcome to "As the Shitstorm Turns!" In this week's episode, we're looking at four amazing women entrepreneurs in various stages of shitstormery (all real conversations I've had recently): 1) "I spoke my truth and the shit hit the fan and everything backfired and now...

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be miracle-minded

I heard a great definition of "miracle-mindedness" recently -- "where that which saves time occurs." Indeed, one of the most insidious suffering-inducing beliefs is that "it will take so much time" (and effort) -- a belief that thus creates an energy of struggle,...

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