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A quick way to release inner tension

***A quick way to release inner tension*** A powerful practice I use with many clients when there's some form of inner tension, conflict, judgment, or doubt, is to give voices and names to the "characters" involved. Very often there's a battle between the part of self...

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fabulous shoes or world peace?

While I was just out having tea with a friend this morning, four different women stopped in their tracks, exclaiming, “Ohmygosh your shoes are FABULOUS.”  “Those are the best shoes ever.”  “I LOVE your shoes!” Check out these rockin’ 4-inch stilettos: These shoes are...

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Your strategy is you

WHAT IF YOU LET YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS COME FROM YOUR SOUL INSTEAD OF A STRATEGY? (Hint: It would be sooooo much easier...) Which one of these three purpose-driven entrepreneurs do you relate to? - "I know what success is supposed to look like" High Achiever...

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Stop chasing credibility

STOP chasing credibility. You don't need the certification, the degree, the validation by the EXPERTS to tell you You're Enough. If the certification, degree program, and extra training LIGHTS YOU UP for reasons that are important to YOU? Then do it. But if your...

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Do you belong here?

When I arrived in Angel Valley to lead the two Fierce Joy retreats last month, I stood in the center of  one of the labyrinths to tune in to the message and energy that was being called forth. The most powerful message I received was that the heart of Fierce Joy and...

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What’s your Sword in the Stone?

Last week in Sedona, we touched our wands to the stone in the center of the labyrinth, drawing power and energy from the earth and ourselves through this playful ritual, which felt a bit like pulling the proverbial Sword from the Stone. And while it was all playful...

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Spread Your Wings...

“Anne has been my catalyst for massive change and awakening of my true essence.   She reminds me through compassion and laughter to spread my wings to much greater heights than I have, up until now, allowed myself to go.”


Awesomeness is the evolutionary growth plate we're being called to birth:  the key to unlocking our full potential as conscious creators and joyful architects of the new world.



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