“Anne has been my catalyst for massive change and awakening of my true essence.   She reminds me through compassion and laughter to spread my wings to much greater heights than I have, up until now, allowed myself to go.”

Truth and myths about FLOW

What does "going with the flow" mean for you? You'll often hear me talking about "FLOW" and flow-based business. This is because so many of my clients, my tribe, and, well, our society, have gotten habituated to a stressful, busy, rigidly-scheduled way of living from...

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5 stages to create clarity

I'm writing from my summer road trip with my son, taking him to summer camp where he'll be off on adventures of his own for the next month. He doesn't *really* know what the next month will look like -- it's a step into radical uncertainty for him -- but he's excited...

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Feminine Power Rises Through Play

Play and joy are qualities of the divine feminine which have been traditionally and thoroughly rejected as "irrelevant," "luxurious" (to be considered AFTER the responsible WORK is done), and frivolous. And yet.... the energy, creativity, and power that comes on board...

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3 Alignment Checks for Unstoppable Energy

If you're growing your business to scale your movement, and either feeling "too busy", not fulfilled, or having self-doubt come up about "who am I to think I can pull this off?", it's an indication that you're sourcing your energy incorrectly. Here are 3 alignment...

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inappropriate “fun?”

"I just got a pissy email from my boss. I am SO done working here." "We just discovered our son smoking pot again." "My new client just backed out and wants her money back." My clients show up with real world shit, "uh oh" moments, and, er, "less than preferred"...

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