Powder Mountain, Utah
AUGUST 21-25, 2019

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”


The future of transformation is Embodiment,
and it is NOW.

We are the ones being called to rewire the nervous system of our species, right now.


The challenges we face in society and our world are symptoms of a larger epidemic: the chronic and collective impact of disconnection – from ourselves, from each other, and from the world.

You, with your unique mission and calling, and your passion for mind-body practices, are perfectly positioned to be part of the solution to this epidemic.

Your life has brought you to this place in which you now hold an essential piece of the puzzle – for the restoration of trust, compassion, and connection in a fragmented world.

You’ve already done so much to rewire your own nervous system for greater connection and wellbeing – and to organize your energies and focus around sharing your embodied wisdom and skills with others.

And yet… you can sense you’ve just scratched the surface of your own potential.


It’s time to get out of your own way and optimize your own body-mind to function at the highest levels of performance, impact, and effectiveness.

How would our world transform if you allowed even more spaciousness for the infinite intelligence of life to flow through you?


is a transformational intensive event and co-creative experiment to see what happens when 100 of us with shared missions and values come together with a shared intention to exponentially accelerate our impact as we rewire the nervous system of humanity.

Who It’s For:

Embody U attracts embodiment professionals, holistic business owners, coaches, psychologists & therapists, evolutionary thought leaders, healers, physical therapists, dancers, athletes, speakers, social innovators, and somatically-inspired messengers who:

  • Want to uplevel your impact, influence, and effectiveness

  • Value mind-body practices and somatic awareness as a pathway to authentic expression, creative problem-solving, personal power, and purposeful action

  • Are ready to deepen your skills and mastery of navigating the fears, emotions, and challenges of embodying your purpose

  • Feel like you’ve been preparing your whole life for this moment in human history, when together we get to rewire the nervous system of humanity –  to hardwire the HEART into the fabric of our society.

How does ACCELERATED IMPACT want to live through you? 


What does the next level of joy, flow, and community look like for you?

The Intention

We’re experiencing a massive awakening on the planet right now, and you and I are part of the team that have been called, at a soul level, to bring integrated, holistic approaches to wellness and human potential, reconnecting heart,mind, body. and voice.

Our current world is a reflection of the compartmentalization and fragmentation of our own beings, mirroring back the countless ways in which we’re disconnected from ourselves, from each other, and from the Whole.

Many of us have been drawn to be part of the solution – first healing the illusion of separation within ourselves and then sharing our wisdom and tools with others – creating a tremendous wave of healing on the planet through our collective intention and energy.

And while we are individually doing amazing work, sharing our messages and tools and practices to the best of our abilities, there’s something missing.

We exist in a dispersed web, in which we’re scattered all over the world, perhaps connecting online to exchange information and ideas, or attending conferences and trainings and workshops where we get to learn and connect face-to-face.

But what if we could come together – in person – with a shared intention to amplify our impact – exponentially?

What would be possible if your mission, wisdom,  and expertise were touching ten times, 100x, even a thousand times as many people as you are impacting today?

What would happen in our world if 100 of us gathered with a shared intention to exponentially accelerate our impact and to become the vessels capable of harnessing that much life energy through our body-minds?

You have a powerful mission, one that will transform countless lives as you take it to the next level.

What might happen in our politics, our healthcare systems, our environment, if millions of people experienced the benefits of embodied transformation – restoring trust within their own nervous systems, learning to regulate and co-regulate their emotions and anxieties, metabolizing grief, deepening their sense of calm connection and wellbeing, reclaiming the power of their voice, and feeling more deeply connected with themselves, each other, and the Whole?


What if we are the ones being called to step up RIGHT NOW to do our part to rewire the nervous system of our species?


Now is not the time for complacency, holding back, or hiding from our destinies.

The world is calling us forward.

And for any of us to embody our mission at the next level of impact, we’ve got to do it ourselves, but we can’t do it alone.


What’s required is a face-to-face, heart-to-heart gathering of those of us with shared missions, shared values, and shared intentions.

What’s called for is an event in which we all engage in embodied transformation to uplevel our own nervous systems into greater flow – not just talk about “what’s required” but actually embody it in the moment and put it into specific and clear action.

What’s called for is an experience in which we tap into amplified states of group flow together – accessing higher levels of consciousness for the purpose of unleashing the greatness within us all and harnessing it in constructive, pragmatic ways that actually transform the structures of our society and the consciousness of our species.

What’s called for is for every one of us to think more boldly, more courageously, and more creatively than ever before – to bring our collective intelligence, skills, and expertise together in collaborative ways that accelerate the impact that we are all here to live.

What’s called for is a gathering of souls committed to evolving themselves to evolve the whole, curious about what might be possible when we bring our hearts and minds together with shared intention, and ready to embody a higher level of impact … now.

What might be possible?

How might the 100 of us at Embody U create experiences, individually and collaboratively, over the next year that allow 1 million people – or ten million – to:

  • deepen their trust in themselves
  • reconnect with their body wisdom
  • rewire their nervous system into greater wellbeing
  • restore connection in their relationships
  • awaken to their power
  • empower themselves to fulfill their own highest potential?

What might that look like for you?

And what would that feel like to be part of a tribe, embodying this vision together – individuated but united in our shared mission to rewire the nervous system of our species during this pivotal time in human evolution?


Your creative genius, intelligence, and energies are needed.


Will you join us?

The time is NOW.

Embody U Schedule

Wednesday, August 21

Arrive by 5pm for check in, happy hour, and dinner, followed by our opening welcome party.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday : August 22-24

Three days of deep-dive transformation, co-creation and cross-pollination, learning, integration, and play.

Sunday, August 25

Departure after brunch.  You are welcome to stay for the afternoon after check-out to explore the mountain campus, participate in additional activities, and integrate your transformational experience.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

You’ll be invited to “choose your own adventure,” designing the activities, experiences, workshops, and sessions that are the best fit for where you are and what you need.

Energy & Creativity

Source your wisdom, energy, and clarity from your inner Joyful Genius using Quantum PlayTM practices to bend time, activate your magnetism, and respond to challenges creatively, intuitively, and spontaneously.

Body Intelligence & Play

Master the art of understanding your body as antenna, receiver, receptacle, and messenger, interpreting your body’s subtle cues and symptoms as powerful clues and guides, leading you to embody your most empowered and vibrant self. 

Voice & Messaging

Skillfully adapt your words to create the impact you desire — speak up for your truth, call out injustice with compassion, set clear boundaries, and ask for the support you need to get what you really need and desire.

Mindset & Mindfulness

Cultivate greater resilience, ease, and flow by deepening mindfulness and self-compassion practices.  Develop mindsets that create crystal clarity of focus and self-efficacy, and protect from fear-based reaction, overwhelm, distraction.

Purpose & Potential

Deepen your embodiment of your soul’s purpose, amplify your personal power, and clarify the next steps and stages of your mission with a clear action plan.

Expand Your Network

Discover the “power of eight” in small group circles to enhance your transformation, build relationships and friendships, and receive support and inspiration on your boldest dreams and projects.

Co-Creation Station

Share your unique modality with others, cross-pollinate creative ideas with like-minded peers, bring your coolest and craziest ideas into group-mind and see what emerges!.

Get Out and Play

Explore the 10,000 acre campus on mountain bike, wander the hiking trails, sharpen your focus on the archery target, find the solitude your soul craves, and give yourself a “reset” in this mountain paradise.

Plus: Go on a treasure hunt, relax in a sound healing session, express yourself with art, center yourself with kundalini yoga, join a drum circle, unleash your soul with chakradance, or get a massage – Embody U is your soul-inspired space to embody YOU!


Perched high between the towns of Eden and Paradise in Utah, Powder Mountain is a mountain resort and gathering space intentionally designed to foster community connections based in curiosity, conversation, and collaboration.

What’s Included:

Embody U includes 4 nights accommodation in luxury condominium-style lodging, all meals, snacks, workshops, materials, and activities during the retreat.

Holiday Pre-Sale:
Save $500 when you register by December 25
(Ten spots available at this rate)

 (Eight month payment plan available if you register by December 21) 

Private Master Suite
$3,795   $3,295

Private Room
(shared bathroom)
$3,695    $3,195

Shared Room
$3,495    $2,995

Embody U Facilitators:

Anne Rose Hart

Anne Rose Hart, MA, Founder of Embody U, is a uniquely gifted, playful, and compassionate teacher and student of life, intensely curious about optimal human performance and peak experiences since she climbed to the roof of her grandfather’s house at 18 months of age. Her years of experimenting with intentional laughter, play, and flow states in the context of self-actualization, energy healing, and consciousness studies led to the emergence of QUANTUM PLAYTM , a somatic and holistic practice for unleashing power and potential and living in flow.

With clients & students in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a biplane wing-walker, skydiving instructor, triathlete, jazz pianist, scuba diver, barrel racer, historian, web developer, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, and human potential junkie to inspire leaders to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above “ordinary” to co-create a more compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Bonnie Horsburgh, MA

Bonnie Horsburgh, MA, teaches mindfulness and compassion-based practices and is passionate about helping others learn to access the wisdom, serenity, and power of the present moment.  She helps people build resilience to stress, clarify deeply-held values, foster deeper connections with self and others, and increase joy and contentment.  Bonnie trains educators, healthcare workers, caregivers, healers, and mental health providers to develop self-care and stress resilience habits so that they may sustain purposeful service to others.  Bonnie provides mental health counseling, teaches mindfulness and self-compassion classes, provides individual and group coaching, and is the go-to resource for stress-management training for professionals.  

LaRita Jarvis

As a behavioral scientist and leader of the Contagious Compassion movement, LaRita shares straightforward techniques for leveraging difficult conversations as a way to strengthen our relationships. LaRita is fiercely committed to helping people adapt the way they communicate, so they are more likely to be heard and understood.  For decades she’s used her background in Industrial & Organizational Psychology to create transformative learning opportunities for all types of businesses. Her work is published in the Journal of Research in Personality and the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.  

“What matters most to me is how we treat each other, especially when we disagree.”

Barbara Gosselin, PT

Co-Founder of the Center for Body Mind Integration in Lexington, Massachusetts, Barbara is a Holistic Physical Therapist specializing in treating adults with chronic and complex pain syndromes. Her offerings include one-on-one holistic bodywork; do-it-yourself transformational programs; individual and small group online programs; healing retreats; and personalized healing adventures to help people regain trust in their bodies and reconnect to the joy in life.   Barbara’s mission is to teach as many people as possible how to trust and listen to their body’s intelligence. She believes that when we collectively do this work, we will experience a more peaceful, joyful, and kind world.


How is this different from other embodiment conferences or personal development events?

Often, conferences are oriented around the transmission of information, with little or no time to embody, integrate, and apply the learning in a way that creates sustainable transformation.   We believe that you’ve got all the information you need; what’s required now is for you to live what you already know.  Embody U is designed to support you in sourcing your own wisdom and creativity, and to eliminate the compensatory pattern of looking outside yourself for answers and solutions.

Plus, this is a co-creative experiment — you’ll have the opportunity to play in small groups throughout the event, to create group flow states, exchange ideas, and tap into “group mind” collaborative genius, where what emerges is greater than anything that could happen individually.

You’ll also enjoy spaciousness of time to integrate your transformation, with ample opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the Powder Mountain campus.

And because play accelerates transformation (neurological networks are formed 10x-20x more quickly when you infuse learning with play), you’ll be creating new synapses in your brain more quickly because play is infused throughout the event.   (Our intention is to make this the most fun and powerful event you attend all year!)

Also, most conferences happen in hotel ballrooms under fluorescent lights.   We believe that nature, wilderness, fresh air, sustainably-designed buildings created with the intention of building community, and gorgeous mountain landscapes enhance transformation, simply as a result of reconnecting with our beautiful earth.

Is everyone welcome at this event? I notice that the faculty is all white women!

Yes! While we do tend to attract mostly women and our language often focuses on women, Embody U is open to everyone.

While we may occasionally use the language of the “divine feminine” energy or leadership, this energy is not restricted to one gender, or even defined by anything gender- related.  We may also use the language of “allowing” instead of “achieving,” or “aligning” instead of “accomplishing”. 

Regardless of semantics, the energy of Embody U is that of embodying your full potential, living your divine purpose, and harnessing the spiritual energy that is your deepest truth, to create a life of joyful contribution, ease, and flow and accelerate the impact that you’re here to make in the world. 

Anyone who resonates with this mission is very welcome at Embody U.

We were also struck by the homogeneity of the faces on our website and would love for Embody U to include honest conversations about how we all may use our leadership effectively to expand into a more diverse community of change-makers, paradigm-shifters, and revolutionaries.

Will I need to have my own car?

There are two factors to consider:

1) Powder Mountain is about an hour and twenty minute-drive north of Salt Lake City International airport.  You may rent a car or take a shuttle to get to the Powder Mountain campus.

2) Once you have arrived at Powder Mountain, we will be moving back and forth each day between the lower campus and the mountain top.   If you have your own vehicle, you’ll be free to move about at your discretion, giving you maximum freedom to choose your own adventure.  

However, if you do not have your own vehicle at Powder Mountain, we will have transportation arrangements so that you may move with the group between locations each day.

Will I need bottled oxygen at this altitude?

The Powder Mountain campus spans two elevations:  the condominiums where you’ll sleep are at 5,400 feet above sea level, as are some of the gathering spaces;  some of the experiences will be held in the Sky Lodge facility, which is at 8,400 feet elevation.   Most people hardly notice the elevation; however, if you should experience any discomfort, bottled oxygen will be available upon request.  If you have a medical condition that would create potential challenges for you to participate, please contact us so we may discuss accessibility options.

Can I get CEUs from attending Embody U?

CEUs may be available; please email us with your licensing requirements and credentials.  

What's the difference between Private Master Suite and Private Room?

A private Master Suite has a king-sized bed and its own bathroom.  A private Master Suite is perfect for someone wanting total privacy or for couples.

A Private Room has (usually) a queen bed and will share a bathroom with other bedrooms in the condo.   

Holiday Pre-Sale:
Save $500 when you register by December 25 
(Ten spots available at this rate)

 (Eight month payment plan available if you register by December 21) 


Private Master Suite
$3,795   $3,295

Private Room
(shared bathroom)
$3,695    $3,195

Shared Room
$3,495    $2,995

Join us at Embody U, an environment designed to co-create individual and group flow states, for an integrated, embodied transformational experience.


And we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.

Your unique presence, message, talents, and vision are needed more than ever during this pivotal time in human history and social transformation.