If you feel like your life isn’t reflecting all of you right now — you’re right, it isn’t.

And if you’re watching the disruption in the world right now, knowing deep-down that the chaos is your call to action — to play a more potent role in shaping our collective futureyou’re right, it is.

You probably sense that you have a much bigger role to play than you’ve been allowing yourself —  but you’re not sure “how” to get “there”.

And when you look around, the gap between your current life and what you know is possible for you, your life, and your impact, may feel enormously inspiring on your best days and impossibly, overwhelmingly huge on others.

Great news!  All of these are *symptoms* — not of an incurable invisible plague that has doomed us all to a dismal future of unfulfilled dreams and dystopia, but of a massive inner unrest that is your soul’s GPS guiding you powerfully forward. 

Most of us have been trained to believe that this inner discontent, suffering, and frustration is a sign that we need to “fix” something in our outer world — our relationships, our jobs, our families, our weight, our bodies, our health, our finances, our kids, our communities —  and while we’re at it why don’t we just FIX this effed up world that is rampant with so many things that are just WRONG!?!? 

Yes.  We can do those things if we choose.   But not because we tried to “fix” anything. 

The secret that’s been hidden in plain sight, all along, is that JOY is your soul’s GPS — an evolutionary technology to guide you into your greatest purpose, potential, freedom, and impact.

But most people never think to explore JOY, because… well, let’s get real.    What have we been taught about joy?  Let’s look:


In the paradigm that we’ve been raised in:

  • Joy is frivolous, a “luxury” to maybe consider AFTER the serious responsibilities of adulthood have been addressed satisfactorily.
  • Joy is a childish, ungrounded, irrelevant emotion — it has nothing to do with the real world problems we’re facing.
  • Joy is a feeling — one that some people are lucky enough to get to feel for mysterious reasons —  but it’s actually not available for most people.
  • Joy means dedicating yourself to pollyanna “positive thinking” and ignoring the depth of suffering and pain that exists all around you, not to mention the stuff buried within you
  • Joy is selfish.  Come on, the world doesn’t revolve around you and your feelings.   Put yourself second, put the needs of others first, your joy is not a consideration when we are talking about the noble values of service, contribution and leadership.
  • Joy is useful if you want to “raise your vibration” to manifest the things you want, so it’s cool if you want to get more stuff, but if you’re, you know, deeper than that, joy really has no function.

What a perfect set-up for suffering! 

When the ONE THING that is the key to elevating ourselves into being the solution, has been the ONE THING that we’ve individually and collectively suppressed, of course we’re going to flounder around, wondering how do we effectively create change and “get there” to the life and world we dream is possible?!


When you look around and see unprecedented levels of suffering, pain, and chaos, the LAST thing that comes to mind is “wow, I wonder how I can create more joy for myself,”  right?  We’re wired to either feel the fear and slip into anxiety and justified concern for our families, communities, and our collective future, OR to jump into service and help.  But what if there’s also a door number three?

Joy, in the context that I’m talking about here, is not an emotion or a fleeting state.  

  • JOY is the quiet radiance within, when you absolutely know without a doubt that you’re being who you’re here to be in this lifetime, being of service in a way that uses your full potential, talents, and gifts.
  • JOY is the side effect of you embodying your true essence — your soul’s destiny and the full expression of your highest potential.
  • JOY is an energetic field of coherence, congruence, and resonance that you experience as being in the flow, with “wind in your sails” as you create the fulfilling life and bold impact that lights your soul on fire.
  • JOY is the capacity to live as a conscious creator in partnership with emergence — allowing life to live through you, instead of you trying to orchestrate, control, and manipulate reality to get it to go how you want.
  • JOY is the never-ending discovery of new levels of your creative power, coming from a deep wellspring inside yourself that you recognize as something far beyond you, bigger than you, expressing as you
  • JOY is the knowing that you’re receiving guidance from the yet unmanifested future, showing you the steps to take as the arms and legs of the cosmos evolving itself, to bring a more coherent and beautiful world into existence in the physical realm.

The key to unlocking creative solutions to massive global disruption is, paradoxically, first to go inward, into the depth of your joy.  

To plug into this untapped source inside yourself.  

And to learn how to navigate the messy and chaotic physical world from this invisible power supply that is both universal and infinite, and exquisitely unique to you.

“Have you introduced me to magic?  

This is AMAZING, BRILLIANT, INSIGHTFUL, LIFE ALTERING, and LIGHT!  I am blown away by the power of this practice.  I encourage anyone to spend time laughing and working with Anne and expect a sea of wonderful changes to follow.”

Laurel Pumphrey

Founder, The Pumphrey Method® of Music Training and Amusia Therapy


Over the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of awakening leaders in fifteen countries and counting, developing and distilling the pioneering principles, practices, and tools that I’m now sharing with you here in this 12-week online program :

The Art and Science of Living Your Purpose


Over the course of 12 modules, I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of unlocking, activating, living, and leveraging your joy — so you can create the life that reflects ALL of you — the best of you — as you lead the change you’re here to be in the world right now.

And yes, while JOY the way I see it is so much more than a fleeting emotional state or just wanting to “feel good,” we will have oodles of fun, laugh perhaps more than you’ve laughed in awhile, and remember just how good it feels to be fully, authentically, joyfully YOU. 

“What I discovered from working and playing with Anne is that not only does the universe have my back but when I try to figure out the “how”, play IS  the “how.”  When I play and let that energy fortify me, the “how” happens.” 

Michelle Cove

Founder & Executive Director, Media Girls

“I’ve been watching my own mind and my own nervous system learn to find evidence of genius, resilience, and fluidity  — to the point where flow is now my go-to, and I expect the Universe to bring me greatness and joy.   I just landed two of the biggest and most “hell yeah” clients I’ve ever had.  My trajectory is trending skyward and I couldn’t be happier to be playing in the wise and giddy atmosphere of Anne Rose Hart.”   

Brynn Breuner

CEO, Mindspark Branding

“There’s no escape from the hard work, but the lightness of joy helps so much — the impossible becomes possible.  My energy level has gone up, I have confidence in myself, and I have trust again in my soul´s guidance. My focus has shifted towards the issues that bring me joy, since there is my purpose too.  Laughter comes more freely and I notice that what makes me laugh from the depth of my heart is what turns me and all my creative genius on.”  

Harriet Fagerholm

Founder, InTune Academy for Cultural Evolution


MODULE ONE:  Recalibrate Your Joy Compass  :   Go beyond “achievement and “intellect” to re-orient your “true north” to the invisible, unstoppable, latent power within you that fuels and guides your path of highest purpose and potential — so you can stop trying to “figure out the how” and trust your inner soul’s GPS to guide you by feel. 

MODULE TWO:  Embody your Joy Compass  : Learn how to use your body as a tool for intelligently decoding your emotions and experience, so you can deepen your trust in yourself and discern between intelligence, intuition, excitement, and fear.  Learn to work with grief, anger, and sadness in empowering ways while being true to yourself and your evolution.

MODULE THREE:  Unlock Your Superpowers : Discover how to leverage the power of polarities to intelligently interpret your experiences, failures, disappointments, setbacks, goals, and desires — so you can discover the hidden superpowers within yourself and discover how you’re perfectly positioned to help the universe expand — in your own uniquely perfect way, right now, as a conscious and potent agent of change in the world.

MODULE FOUR:  Geek Week!  Leverage the latest knowledge of neuroscience, neurobiology, and physiology to deepen your mastery of using your body as a tool for conscious creation.  You’ll learn how to create and use gamma brainwave frequencies to re-educate your body, mind, and nervous system from “survive” to “thrive” as you access deep creativity and universal intelligence.

MODULE FIVE: The Species of You :  If you were a flower in a flower garden, you’d have a manual for “what’s needed for this flower to thrive?”  Instead of simply “bloom where you’re planted!” (which is true, but vastly incomplete), you’ll discover, refine, and write the guidebook for your unique species, so you can consciously cultivate the conditions that support your full blossoming and expression.

MODULE SIX: Master Your Inner Game : As a vessel or instrument for Source energy to flow, you’re always creating — consciously or unconsciously.  Draw from polyvagal theory, learn to decode your own neuroenergetic circuitry, and intelligently use potent mental models to allow more creative energy to flow through you, without distorting it, blocking it, or cloaking it in ways that contribute to more discord in your life and chaos in the world. 

MODULE SEVEN:  Reveal Hidden Blind Spots : Illuminate the specific ways you’re handing over your power to external circumstances, relationships, and hidden dynamics that are unwittingly keeping you living out disempowering loops of limitation — so you can reclaim your power to create and choose your higher path.

MODULE EIGHT:   Activate your Soul-Stirring Mission : The life you’ve lived has perfectly positioned you to overturn a disempowering norm in our society, and create a revolutionary new way of living, being, or relating.  You’ll deeply connect with your “why” in a powerfully and playfully refreshing new way that activates a new power source within your being and fuels new inspired action.

MODULE NINE:   Decode Pain & Allow More Pleasure : Your body is an intelligent source of clues, showing you where you’re aligned and not aligned with your path of highest purpose and potential.   Physical symptoms, chronic pain, diminished energy, and weird stuff happening with your body, are all guideposts on your path of evolution.  Become a powerful steward of your body temple by learning to understand the intelligence it’s giving you every day, to unleash more energy, vitality, and flow.

MODULE TEN:    Play with the Universe and It Plays with You :  Learn to use your body as a tool for creation, mastering your ability to “plug in to Source” and play with the infinite field of quantum intelligence in delightful and surprising ways, to receive the resources and support you need to deeply thrive on your path of greatest purpose and potential.

MODULE ELEVEN:   Congruence Map : Your Soul’s GPS :  Discover the simplest way to integrate all of the previous modules into an intelligent daily practice that keeps you aligned and in motion on your path, creating effortless effort and flow.

MODULE TWELVE:    Daily Joy : Your Personalized Playbook :  You’ll create your own customized roadmap that decodes YOUR soul’s GPS into a simple handbook that lets you troubleshoot (“what to do when things aren’t working”), re-orient, and stay calibrated to what’s authentic and real for you — so you have a powerful reference manual for yourself in your full glory and on days when you can’t even remember who you are.

After doing these practices with Anne, my life started changing like out of nowhere — I felt inspired to change my diet and immediately felt much better, I became highly creative, I spontaneously felt like making some dramatic changes regarding my website which turned out to be the best decision ever! Working with Anne is like going to a circus and having a blast and feeling empowered, too.” 

Daniela Dimitriu

“The biggest shift that I’ve experienced since working with Anne altogether would be that I no longer live and act from my head as much as I do from my heart. Her ability and incorporation of laughter and play into everything she does really helps me get out of my logical brain and act in alignment with my divine desires that bring me way more joy than being logical ever did!”

Lacey Broussard

“The biggest shift that’s happened so far, is the change in how I look at my world and the world outside and how they are interconnected at all times, and how powerful a manifestor I am!  If you’re thinking about investing in Anne’s program, it is so worth it!  You still have to work.  That’s the beauty and the pain of life combined.  This is the only way we ultimately know ourselves, discover our divinely-gifted genius and share it with the rest of the world as only we can do. That’s the hardest part, but you feel like you have a comrade, an advocate to support and guide you.  Anne’s intuition, intelligence, and open insight are indispensable tools on your path.”

Courtney Varner


The Game of Life is a 12-week interactive online course, consisting of twelve LIVE sessions weekly, with opportunity for Q & A.  Each session builds upon the previous, expanding your understanding of the core principles and supporting you in integrating them powerfully into your life.

  • Each session will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to the recordings.
  • You’ll receive weekly course playbook pages and reflection questions to deepen your integration of your learnings.
  • And of course, because so much of The Game of Life is about embodiment, you’ll receive movement practices to focus on and play with each week.
  • You’ll be able to ask questions at the end of our weekly LIVE sessions, or afterwards in our private Facebook group, for personalized support as you implement the embodied practices.



In addition to the foundational Game of Life program, you’ll meet in a small group every week during the 12 weeks for facilitated group coaching in which you’ll receive powerful support, networking, and community to breathe life into your vision.

You’ll create a focused intention and desired outcome for the 12 weeks, receive personalized support from me and from your peers each week, and deepen your sense of connection and community with like-minded revolutionaries changing the world through joy.

These online “Joy Jam” events are powerful, poignant, and often hilarious opportunities to play with the tragic-comic curveballs life throws you, in a weekly format to energize, rejuvenate, and reconnect you with the truth of who you are, while being deeply seen in your true essence.

You’ll have the opportunity to select the day and time for your small group, to work best with your time zone, during the first week of The Game of Life.

reserve your spot :

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Within only 2 weeks of starting this work, so many things turned upside down! All the negative things in my life, the things that no longer matched my vibration, the things that I didn’t want in my life and hadn’t for a while just up and left – literally!  I think it would be safe to say that this is the beginning of the most amazing, miraculous time of my life.  I feel joy and gratitude soooo much more on a daily basis than I did before.  I feel almost overwhelmed with blessings!  This work has literally helped me transform my life in bigger ways than I ever imagined.  The cost I’ve put on my credit card is priceless to me!  Best credit card purchase I ever made!”  – Courtney Varner

“I am beyond ecstatic about the results I’m creating in my work.  I’ve doubled my income, elevated my thinking and my business execution, and am so, so happy — probably happier than I’ve been in my entire life.  I’ve learned so much from Anne in such a short time, not only from what she teaches but how she lives it and shows, by her example, a fresh way of doing business.”  ~ Jill Sommers

“Anne’s insight and joyful approach to life have forever changed the way that I see the world and opened up new pathways of creativity in my work.  Anne will inspire you to be the best  version of yourself.”  ~ Renee Munro

“I feel like I’m not getting tossed around like I used to.  Now, life is happening FOR me.  I’m in the driver’s seat.  It’s for my benefit.  I don’t have to wear myself out by trying to do things the hard way.   I’m not beating myself up like I used to.   I truly enjoy my challenges and I can ride the wave of life like a surfboard.  I feel like I’m being so true to myself – not being overly demanding, and not selling myself short, either.  Now I’m in the flow.  I’m riding the current instead of being pushed around.   Everybody should get a chance to experience this.”   ~ Client

“I was very focused on changing and constantly striving.  I am now accepting life as it is, enjoying it more, and finding more flow, playfulness and ease.” ~ Client

 I had completely lost my spark, lost touch with my vision, my confidence, and my joy.   I couldn’t imagine how I would get out of the rut I was in – doing work that was no longer inspiring but paid too well to leave. Anne has shown me a whole new way of being that nobody else models – her generosity, flexibility, and creative way of doing business – while also being honest and direct, with a unique gift of helping me laugh and find lightness during the challenges that usually stress me out.   I’m attracting new clients, my income has already grown, and I’m looking forward to what the next few months bring – I’m feeling aligned and unstoppable!” 
~ Client

What I learned from Anne was how to relax, trust my intuition, get into the space of creativity, experience “flow” more often, and have fun with my business.    Anne authentically embodies this way of life and business, which helped me to do the same.  I just signed two new coaching clients.  I’m creating the content for my online course which I love doing, I was just asked to speak at my former university about my work, and I’m going paragliding and hot-air ballooning — two bucket list items!  What I feel is not only joy but balance.  I’m not so crazed anymore.  I’m delegating to my team.  I’m doing the things I love to do and am good at.  I’m saying no to what doesn’t work for me.  I have time for my family and friends.  I have time for me.”  – L.W.


After the sudden death of a dear friend and skydiving buddy catalyzed a miraculous synchronicity,  Anne began asking bigger questions that led to bigger answers about the purpose and meaning of life.

As life continued to bring seemingly impossible challenges and mounting stress, Anne followed her intuition’s nudge to experiment with a practice of intentional laughter, which catalyzed a three-month unitive state and gave her the clarity and courage to end a toxic marriage and start from scratch with her one-year-old son, to discover the deeper truth in the saying “follow your bliss” and decode what it takes to create a purposeful, joyful life.

For the last ten years, Anne has been developing pioneering methods in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology, supporting awakening leaders to discover the unlikely yet miraculous opportunities  in the most complex challenges — unlocking unimaginable power and energy from every heartbreak, setback, disappointment, loss, and difficulty — and discovering how to live and thrive by following their joy compass.

With her unique and powerful modality, Quantum PlayTM, a somatic practice for unleashing power and potential by creating flow states through play, Anne brings together leading edge research from neurophysiology, developmental psychology, quantum physics, energy medicine, integral theory, and spirituality to help awakening leaders to create vibrant lives of purpose, meaning, and joy.

With clients & students in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a biplane wing-walker, skydiving instructor, triathlete, jazz pianist, scuba diver, barrel racer, historian, web developer, leader of global joy retreats on three continents, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, Certified Integral Facilitator, and human potential junkie to inspire leaders to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above “ordinary” to co-create a more compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable world.


I want to honor several of the amazing teachers and mentors I’ve had over the past decade, whose work has inspired and informed my own:

Profound thanks to Craig Hamilton, whose Academy for Evolutionaries awakened the evolutionary impulse within me and forever altered the trajectory of my life.   Thanks to Dr. Madan Kataria for bringing Laughter Yoga to our world, creating a ripple effect of laughter that awakened my own path of purpose and destiny.   Incredible thanks to Gay and Katie Hendricks, who introduced me to the mindset and world of purposeful business through their Conscious Entrepreneurship program and so much more.   Endless gratitude to Dr. Claire Zammit and her powerful wisdom I’ve received for love and life through her Feminine Power, Love Codes, and Influencers Masterclass programs.   Delicious and delightful thanks to Dr. Jean Houston, whose mythic life continues to inspire and expand me through her presence as well as her teachings on what it is to live in deep creativity and possibility.  Deep thanks to Sadhguru, from whom I discovered the power of Inner Engineering.   A deep bow goes to Diane Hamilton for her wisdom, piercing clarity, and graceful power which I was blessed to experience in Integral Facilitator Certification and aspire to emulate daily. Endless thanks to Abraham Hicks for kick-starting my journey all those years ago, to Byron Katie for teaching me to Love What Is, to Barbara Marx Hubbard for sharing her evolutionary wisdom, to Osho’s embodiment practices, Ken Wilber’s Integral model, and of course to Lao Tzu whose Tao Te Ching writings continue to influence me daily.