Meet Anne

Hi, I’m Anne.

Nine years ago I found myself getting divorced and starting my life from scratch, with $1000 in my checking account and a one-year-old son.  Earlier that year, my intuition had guided me to start laughing as a spiritual practice; shortly thereafter I received a clear vision of myself traveling the world, speaking to groups, playing with people and contributing to the shift in consciousness on the planet by unleashing human potential through joy.

I didn’t have a clue how to do any of this – I have a Master’s degree in History and was in a doctorate program to become a physical therapist at the time – but there was no question that this was my path.

So I set out to live the experiment:  what happens when you live on trust and laughter?   How does “follow your bliss” really work?   If you really trust your joy, how do you translate that into actual money that pays actual bills that provide actual food?  And so on.

I also got intensely curious about how I, a bright, capable, highly-educated, intelligent woman, could have created the life that I’d been living – completely disconnected from any sense of purpose, feeling totally stuck in an unhealthy second marriage (having found the courage to leave my first abusive marriage  only to do the “frying pan – fire” thing), having no financial foundation for myself at the age of 38, and now starting from scratch as a single mom with a toddler.

Having raced triathlons for several years, completed hundred-mile bike rides, run a marathon, and made hundreds of skydives, including a short stint as a skydiving instructor, I knew that I could do anything I put my mind to.  But while these physical pursuits had provided a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, I had to face the hard truth:  I had completely failed in the realm of finances, career, and relationships.

What I soon discovered was that the journey of choosing joy, was one of choosing worthiness and healing the ways that I’d not valued myself.

Choosing joy forced me to look inside myself for MY authentic desires, instead of creating someone else’s version of success.

Choosing joy profoundly expanded my intuition, creativity, and direct experience of the “thousand invisible hands” always supporting and guiding me, which helped me to rebuild trust in myself.

Choosing joy required me to take responsibility for my own emotional and mental states, instead of feeling disempowered by the conditioned habits of “not enoughness.”

Choosing joy meant trusting my own inner compass, instead of looking outside myself for the solutions and strategies that promised to bring the results I longed for.

Choosing joy helped me to remember how to trust my feelings, so I could feel what resonated as true for me instead of making choices that “made sense” to my mind.

Choosing joy connected me with the energy of the divine feminine, and helped me create and restore a balance of energies within myself — to live from a deeply grounded and wise creative flow, while also building systems and structures to support my flow.

Choosing joy made me prioritize my own soul-care — creating space to listen and be in a state of juicy receptivity every day, and learning to love the art of “slow down to go fast.”

Choosing joy required me to bring more discipline and structure to my daily habits, to cultivate the mindset exercises, embodiment practices, and aligned actions that created the experience of flow, day in and day out.

Choosing joy, in other words, was the most intense self-realization and personal growth path I could’ve chosen.

And yet, because joy itself is inherently generative, I found myself experiencing almost absurd levels of confidence and resilience – able to navigate one “growth and learning experience” (read: failure, disappointment, rejection, and heartbreak) after another with unflappable trust, resilience, self-love, and levity, seeing the cosmic joke in the manifestations and being given profound mystical visions that revealed the workings of the universe again and again as a result of the altered states of consciousness I continued to create through laughter and play.

Choosing joy, because it is the foundation of “inside –out” creation, has allowed me to travel the world sharing my message, lead joy retreats on three continents and work with clients from fifteen countries (and counting), and generate nearly half a million dollars while I continue to tinker with my joy experiments – both in my “creative cave” and on the wing of a biplane in flight, spend quality time with my son (now age 10), and craft a life of even greater contribution, freedom, and joy.

Now, as I work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs at every level – from just embarking on their journey of stepping into their “impossibly huge” destiny visions and learning how to “create money out of thin air” from their purpose, to those who’ve already generated multiple millions of dollars in their businesses and are now wanting to bring the joy, the purpose, the global impact into their work – the common thread is the same:

Everything you seek is already within you.    Whatever it is that you think is missing, is a treasure chest just waiting to be unlocked within your own heart.

And while there are many paths to Truth, joy just might be the most fun way to get there.  (And because there’s no “there” to get to to, it simply brings us back to the old saying, “the joy is in the journey”, maddening as that may seem at times.)

In the end, it turns out that all of us are living our perfect experiences, at our own perfect pace, bringing us all the people and emotions and circumstances that invite us to align our perceptions and choices with the Love that we already are.

All of us are just bringing each other home.

Joy creates space for more life energy to pour through us all — I say, let’s have the most fun possible along the way.


I want to honor several of the amazing teachers and mentors I’ve had over the past decade, whose work has inspired and informed my own:

Profound thanks to Craig Hamilton, whose Academy for Evolutionaries awakened the evolutionary impulse within me and forever altered the trajectory of my life.   Thanks to Dr. Madan Kataria for bringing Laughter Yoga to our world, creating a ripple effect of laughter that awakened my own path of purpose and destiny.   Incredible thanks to Gay and Katie Hendricks, who introduced me to the mindset and world of purposeful business through their Conscious Entrepreneurship program and so much more.   Endless gratitude to Dr. Claire Zammit and her powerful wisdom I’ve received for love and life through her Feminine Power, Love Codes, and Influencers’ Masterclass programs.   Delicious and delightful thanks to Dr. Jean Houston, whose mythic life continues to inspire and expand me through her presence as well as her teachings on what it is to live in deep creativity and possibility.  Deep thanks to Sadhguru, from whom I discovered the power of Inner Engineering.  Endless thanks to Abraham Hicks for kick-starting my journey all those years ago, to Byron Katie for teaching me to Love What Is, to Barbara Marx Hubbard for sharing her evolutionary wisdom, to Osho’s embodiment practices, Ken Wilber’s Integral model, and of course to Lao Tzu whose Tao Te Ching writings continues to influence me daily.   Gratitude beyond words to Diane Musho Hamilton and Rebecca Colwell and the entire Integral Facilitator team, whose transformational crucible, er, container lovingly cracked me open and catalyzed a deeper embodiment of my authentic essence and capacity to be love.

Anne Rose Hart is known as a Joyful Genius for her pioneering work in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology over last decade.

As a Certified Integral Facilitator and the creator of the revolutionary QUANTUM PLAYTM method for personal transformation, Anne uses playful mindset, playful movement, deep inquiry, and the energy of joy to help evolutionary leaders to unleash their Awesomeness and creative power as joyful agents of change.

With clients in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a wing-walker, skydiving instructor, triathlete, jazz pianist, barrel racer, historian, web developer, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, and human potential junkie to inspire others to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above “ordinary” to change the world.

A world of joy I didn't know I could access!

“I was so surprised. I knew Anne was about joy, but I’m not a joyful person and didn’t really resonate with those words. The processes she shared with me were really fun and tapped into a part of me I didn’t even know was there. I learned so much about how much I was creating my identity from my expertise and being “smart” at the expense of my artistic spirit. I ended up feeling so inspired and light, I’m amazed.” – Terri L.

“Anne’s coaching is phenomenal, and her energy and perspective open a whole world of joy I didn’t know I could access.” ~ Michelle Winterburn.

“Anne helped me get in touch with my divine self so in-tunely, that I was able to create my entire book and online program while sitting in my local gym’s steam room. I’m not a writer, but it came to me with complete effortlessness! I’m not even sure how Anne helped me connect with my divine essence so effortlessly, but I bet it had something to do with laughter and her always helping me see the good in anything and everything that was going on in my life. We laughed about things I never thought I could laugh about, and it totally changed my perspective instantly!  

The biggest shift that I’ve experienced is that I no longer live and act from my head as much as I do from my heart. Her ability and incorporation of laughter and play into everything she does really helps me get out of my logical brain and act in alignment with my divine essence and joy way more than being logical ever did! ~  Lacey Broussard

“I have worked with many coaches, healers, and therapists over the years and was very skeptical about laughing and playing during the process. I thought “no way.” But what happened just blew my mind. I have never experienced such a powerful shift in energy so immediately. I am in awe of what has happened during our time together.”  ~ Tony Drew


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