“How are you?” the passenger in front of me asked the TSA agent at the Denver airport yesterday, after we’d shuffled along for nearly an hour in the airport security line.

“I’m TIRED,” grumped the agent with a scowl.  “I’m ready for Friday.  I’m OVER IT.”  She exhaled with a slump of habituated defeatism, snarling her lip as she waved the boarding pass over the security scanner.

My inner GPS locked in:

*** doot doot doot! Target acquired! ***

The Mission:   Upleveling human consciousness, one interaction at a time.

The Challenge:  Time constraints.  Must create a ripple effect in just 30 seconds.

The Questions:   Could one 30-second interaction shift the experience for countless people?  What would it take to infuse regenerative resilience into this checkpoint and shift the energy in the line?  Could we access the frequency of joy?

The agent waved me forward with her monotonous command:   “Next.”

Beaming a wave of light from my heart center to hers, I grinned as I stepped up with my boarding pass and photo ID.

“Sounds like you could use a dose of awesomeness,” I offered with a smile.

“Oh, you got THAT right,” the agent responded.  “I could use some awesomeness… IN BED!”

The double-entendre struck her as we both burst into laughter.  “I mean, I am ready for some SLEEP,”  she clarified.   I infused my laugh with another beam of light aimed directly at her as we chuckled together.

“You have a good day,” she smiled broadly as she handed me my boarding pass and ID.

“Keep looking for chances to be awesome,” I grinned as I stepped away.

“Awesome?  Yeah, that’d be good. “ The agent’s smile carried over to the next person in line.  “NEXT!  How ya doin’? ”

Mission:  Accomplished. 

Years ago, I did a stream of consciousness writing exercise using the writing prompt “The purpose of my life is…”, having been given the guidance to keep writing until I got to the answer that made me cry.  (I had resisted the exercise for months, feeling a weight of obligation around the whole notion of “purpose” – what if it was this burden that I had to live up to?  No thanks.  Plus, who wants to cry?  Pbbttht.)   When I finally sat down with focused intention to just do it, at last, I wrote nonstop  for 35 minutes before this line came out of my pen:

“I am a ray of light in the lives of others.”

{tears welled in a flash of recognition of truth}

“What a relief”, I realized. “I can do THAT no matter what job I have, what task I’m doing.  Heck, I could even be a bus driver and still be living my purpose!”

Since that day, this north star has guided me, driven me, inspired me, comforted me time and time again, through ups and downs and massive life transformations.

No matter what I’m doing, there’s always a way to be on purpose.  Just bring lightness to someone else’s moment, one interaction at a time.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I’d tapped into one of the foundational principles of the creative flow of evolution  – that when you are aligned with the energy of creation itself, being a vessel and a vehicle for spreading light, you also access new ideas and possibilities, which lead to more new experiences that bring more light, and so on.

It’s the heart of creating your life from the inside out.

Putting yourself in the generosity of service in the way that feels most joyful for you starts with one moment.  Then another.   Over time, I discovered that my life had entirely reorganized around this one simple truth,  and while the expression of this desire to “be a ray of light” has taken countless forms of increasing complexity and impact over the years, the essence remains the same:

Uplevel human consciousness, one interaction at a time, and allow life to guide me to where it wants to flow in ever-more-expansive ways.

Just show up.  Be the light.  Repeat.

Of course it sounds wayyyyyyy too simple, and the journey of self-realization brings oodles of opportunities to observe, forgive, integrate, witness, and transcend the conditioned patterns that make it feel hard to simply show up in alignment with one’s purpose.

Which means… it may be simple, but it’s not easy.

Nonetheless,  whether you’re on fire with your spiritual mission or seeking clarity on what your greater purpose may be, there are three simple things you can do to live your purpose every day – to take the spiritual truths you know intellectually and actualize them into everyday reality.

1 ) Clarify your north star. 

What IS the purpose of your life?   It’s not a big weighty responsibility, it’s not something that has to involve a huge infrastructure or letting go of the life you’ve already created – though it may, over time, evolve in that direction.   When you tap into the essence of who YOU are, it feels like you’ve come home.  You’ve landed in the pool of ease, the way of being that is so natural and easy for you that you’ve long taken it for granted while you’ve filled the moments of your life with other busy work.

So how do you do it?     Start with who you are BEING.   Create some space and time to write, stream of consciousness style, on the writing prompt:  The purpose of my life is….   No censoring your responses!  Just let the pen keep moving – no need to think – just write without stopping and you’ll find your way home.

2)  Connect with the feeling of your purpose.

Each morning, take 60 seconds to smile and connect with your purpose before you get out of bed.    Even if you skipped step one and still don’t have a clue what your purpose is in words, you know what it FEELS like.   If you WERE living your purpose and highest potential, how would you feel?   Smile, take five slow breaths and practice FEELING fulfilled, free, content, relaxed, jubilant… whatever your flavor of “purposeful” is.   Before you can be LIVING your purpose consistently, you’ve got to rehearse what it might FEEL like so your nervous system recognizes it as familiar instead of foreign.

3) Pay attention and celebrate.

What little things do you already do, that are aligned with the purpose and intention for how you’d like to show up for your life?   We tend to race from one thing to the next without pausing to integrate, celebrate our successes, and bask in the glow of the success we’ve already created.  Which means, we remain on the hamster wheel of anxiety, stress, melancholy, frustration, and chronic tension, slowly drip-feeding cortisol stress hormones into our blood stream day after day in the relentless pursuit of “enough-ness.”

Take 60 seconds at the end of the day to reflect, appreciate, and celebrate the ways in which you lived intentionally today.

Sound too simple?   Yep, that’s what I thought in the beginning, too.  Nonetheless, this one core practice has been at the heart of my entire life transformation over the past decade, responsible for revolutionizing my life, reorganizing my entire universe, and discovering the power of creating my experience of reality from the inside out.

Don’t worry, you’ll overcomplicate the  hell out of it.  We all do.   But when you’re tapped into YOUR truth, you’ll know it because at the deepest level, there is pure joy in what you’re doing, even when you’re wading through the complexities of your everyday madness.

Come back home to the joy of being you.   Let it be simple.   And don’t forget to smile.