I’m just back from Sedona, freshly emerging from the Fierce Joy retreat in the energy vortexes of Angel Valley, where everything is amplified and magnified so you can see your patterns with clarity and choose… fierce joy. Anything you’re continuing to choose that is NOT aligned with your authentic joy gets highlighted so you can consciously make new choices – but you don’t have to be at Angel Valley to do this work; you can do it right here, right now, wherever you are. So…. here are some nuggets that emerged from the retreat:

5 Lessons from Fierce Joy Sedona

1.) “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.” This assertion by Einstein, and the inherent mindsets that result as a result of exploring this question, arose toward the beginning of the retreat, and while it could be construed as a form of mental gymnastics, keeping one in the theoretical world of concepts, it’s actually a deeply profound existential inquiry that’s pivotal for EVERYTHING you want to create in your life.

We were discussing the shift out of “life happens TO me” into soul-aligned creatorship, in which “life happens THROUGH me”, and all of the stages and mindsets in between, and the question of “so how do you explain evil?” came up. I have much more to say on this topic but the relevant point is that if you haven’t yet found your own truth and resolution of this fundamental question, it’s unlikely that you’re allowing life to flow THROUGH you in the capacity your soul is yearning for.

A core shift from paranoia to pronoia (a perspective that chooses to believe that the Universe is conspiring in ways that support your greatest growth) is essential, in order to live and create in the flow of your most joyful and fulfilling life.

2.) Be trustworthy. In order to restore trust in yourself and in life , you have to be the one that makes choices that are trustworthy of yourself. For example, if you don’t trust that it’s okay to be fully you, or to relax and trust your own perfect pace, or to do what truly brings you the deepest joy, it’s time to grow your bank of evidence that you’re trustworthy, by making choices again and again that develop a new self-image that’s trustworthy of your deepest desires.

You’re the one creating your life by your choices, so if you’re continuing to choose ways of living and relating that ensure that you’re “not enough” then you continue to abandon your true self and erode your already diminished trust in life. Keep a journal and track the ways in which you expressed your authentic self, trusted your own pace, or chose joy each day, to reprogram your nervous system into believing that you’re a trustworthy vehicle for your own soul.

3.) Laugh, move, and play more games – everything’s faster and easier when you bring the joy! Not only does joy alter the biochemistry of your body to create a higher performance state of being, but you’re more creative, more resilient, and more potent in all of your actions when you’re in the flow of your own joy. We did laughter meditations and laughter blessings throughout the retreat, as well as playing a variety of games that put us into a playful, hilarious frame of mind, which allowed for more spontaneity and intuitive knowings because of the energetic frequency we were inhabiting.

4.) The basic human need to BELONG is a powerful driver of behavior, and if you aren’t actively cultivating a support network of people who share your vision, values, and can heartily celebrate your successes and huge dreams with you, the “herd mentality” of your primitive brain is likely keeping you from taking the bold actions you need to create your most joyful and fulfilling life.

Conformity is insidious.

Joyful success is the anomaly.

Get clear on how your need to “belong” translates into fear of “what they’ll think”, or fear of rocking the boat of your existing relationships, and find it within yourself to create the relationships and conversations you need to feel supported, feel like you belong, and create safety for yourself in following your bliss.

5.) MOVE! Just move. Get into action. One of the games we played around building trust in your intuition had one common takeaway: action trumps fear. Movement yields feedback which creates clarity of direction. Get into action, don’t stop, and you’ll get to your destination.

Life’s precious… enjoy the ride.