When I started skydiving years ago, I’d joke that I was heading to the dropzone on Sunday mornings to worship at the Church of the Blue Sky.  Last night that came to mind in conversation with my flight instructor as we talked during our night flight under the stars.  An innocent question led to the memory of what religion felt like to me as a child – an incredibly strict and rigid strait-jacket designed to enforce unquestioning obedience to a ruleset based in ignorance and imposed from above, perpetuated by socially celebrated judgment – and realizing how that flippant remark about my “worship” of blue sky was actually more accurate than I knew at the time.

Worship, fueled by devotion, has a completely different felt-sense than the pretense of worship commanded by obligation and obedience.   I didn’t know it at the time, but the feeling I had while skydiving – pure freedom and bliss – captured the transcendent truth that “church” could, theoretically, be a temple of, were it not skewed by distorted power dynamics and unhealthy egos placed into positions of authority.  

I don’t have any need to perpetuate the “church” model of worship, but the irreverent part of me chuckles when I imagine myself hosting “Church of the Blue Sky” adventures, in which people reconnect with the direct knowingness of their divinity — the only intermediary being a 1943 cloth-winged biplane with a 450-horsepower engine, carrying them aloft to feel the winds of truth blowing their hair back as we soar over the mountains.    

Conventional church-goers pretend to feel their divinity by munching on stale crackers and sipping grape juice in the communion ritual.  Theoretically, the metaphor has potential, but the way in which people are shuffled through the line resembles more of a cattle-herding process than it does a sacred union with the Wild Love that is The Divine Mystery.    

At the Church of the Blue Sky, stale Saltines and crisply-ironed Sunday dresses are replaced with experiences that actually create the neurobiological conditions in which one has a prayer (pun intended) of experiencing the Almighty Creator as not separate from the self.

The “Thou Art” is brought into communion with the “I Am” is brought into communion with the “hey, I really AM!” is brought into communion with the “IT JUST IS” nature of reality.  And in that transcendent moment, metaphysics and religion and isness and all of the -isms that have ever taken form in the world all converge into a transmission of knowingness that forever alters the trajectory of the aerial adventurer’s life.

The Church of the Blue Sky: Where Architects of the New World Gather to Co-Create from Transcendent Bliss and Flow States.   Services begin when you hear the rumble of the old radial engine fire up. 

“For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” ~ quote erroneously attributed to DaVinci