Is it insanity, playing with fire, or mental prowess? In Joyful Genius Sessions Episode 2, Anne riffs on mortality and meaning-making with Troy McTeer and brings in a favorite power tool that rewires the neurological networks of the brain instantly. Today’s conversation turned into a radical re-evaluation of power, hiding from one’s power, and the elegant art of reclaiming and embodying your power in a way that might surprise you. View at your own risk. Full participation recommended.

0:00 – 4:30: What does it take to wake up in the morning in love with what you’re doing today?

4:30 : What makes someone willing to get fired for what they stand for? Integrity around profit, mental prowess, and the embodiment of a sovereign mind

12:15 The polarity between death and joy

16:45 Once you’ve confronted your mortality, you’re free

18:20 The gift of the current pressure in the world right now

20: 15 Awakening — out of suicidal ideation

24:25 The current monastery from hell

27:15 What if tyranny comes and takes over everything?

29:00 Stop playing pandemic. Be the steward of a new conversation.

31:00 A power tool to interrupt the habit loops in collective consciousness by liberating the limbic system as key to our evolution

34:00 Developing “six-pack abs” for your brain

38:00 Using your power to forget your power – whoops

42:45 Trauma is healed in the body, not in the mind

45:00 The Laughter Litmus Test – revealing pockets of dense energy in the body

48:00 The Laughter Story to clean up foul thinking and deactivate old stories

52:00 Creating our world instead of reacting to it; sculpting the malleable putty of reality

54:00 A shift in historical eras as we shift how we make meaning, collectively