As I was reflecting on the past year and what’s needed to create the conditions for emergence in the new year, I found fresh questions arising in my journal, culminating in the creation of a fun new game.

One by one, the following questions emerged, and as I wrote out my responses, I found myself wanting to sketch a diagram to see them from a new angle.

After I drew the diagram, I suddenly saw it as a “gameboard” and I picked out three crystals to serve as my playing tokens. 

In a modern-day version of “reading tea leaves,” I tossed the crystals onto the gameboard.  The spots they landed on (or nearest to) became my message and focus for the day – inviting those energies to inhabit my awareness in a focused way, as I might if drawing an oracle card. 

And today’s “tea leaves” led me to the place of posting this to share with you.   If you feel inspired to create your own gameboard, simply respond to the questions below, draw concentric circles within which to write your own messages, and toss whatever meaningful objects you’d like onto the board for daily focus, reminders, and clarity. Enjoy!

Here are the questions, creating life from the inside out:

1. Center:   What is needed to activate the authentic energy of joy each day?  (The central energies I started with here are Presence, Gratitude, and Love.  You can start with something besides JOY as your central point; whatever energy expresses the authentic essence of YOU.)

2. What are my daily practices for preparing the vessel?   How do I start my day, so that presence, gratitude, love, and joy are automatically embodied?   For me that includes clearing my energy, opening my joints and fascia with intentional bodywork, nondual meditation, breathwork, embodied prayer,  dialogue with my guides, etc.

3.   If my life is an amusement park of my own creation, and I’m creating all the rides in this playground, what are the rides I want to go on?   (These are qualities:  full self-expression, fierce boundaries, relaxed irreverence, boldness, self-assuredness, etc.)

4.   If this year is one of me developing my talents, how will I know?  What does developing my talents mean this year?

5. What spirit animals will I co-create with as totems and guides this year? And what qualities do they remind me to bring in?

6.  How does Oneness want to express through me this year?  (These are verbs.  What are the things I’ll DO, from the inner qualities of BEING in the center circles?)

7. If I were to jump tracks and suddenly be “there,” the place where my desired outcomes are my new normal, what would be normalized, specifically?  What is already complete, whole, and normal, in the world I desire to experience?  (How does all of this take shape in the world of form?)

And finally, the theme for the whole gameboard:  What am I committed to this year?

Have fun creating your own gameboard! I’d love to hear what it brings alive for you.