After years of sharing the world’s best brownies with my clients at my retreats, I’ve finally made the recipe and full cookbook available as an instant .pdf download!

If feeling amazing about what you put into your body is important to you, here are 125 ways to create meals, snacks, smoothies, and dishes to WOW your tastebuds, your family, and your friends with delicious and healthy creations.

Download the full e-book version of the cookbook for $14.95:


  • p. 12 Smoothies
  • p. 20 Soups and Stews
  • p. 30 Salads
  • p. 38 Kale Chips
  • p. 50 Snacks
  • p. 55 “Rice” Entrees 
  • p. 66 Wraps 
  • p. 74 “Noodles” 
  • p. 86 Cocktails
  • p. 87 Kale Salads 
  • p. 91  Chia Puddings
  • p. 98 Go Bananas!
  • p. 105 “On the Go” Goodies
  • p. 110 CHOCOLATE!
  • plus meal planning suggestions, mindful eating exercises, raw food on a budget, hosting raw food potlucks, and intelligent interpretation of your food cravings 


Over the years, I’ve served my very favorite raw vegan creations at my retreats, always followed by requests for the recipes, including:

  • Cacao Spice Brownies, arguably the world’s best brownies (yes, they are raw, vegan, and healthy!)
  • Spring Rolls with a dipping sauce that’s so good it makes you want to drink it by itself
  • Chocolate Breakfast Salad.  Sounds weird, yep.  Might change your life.   It’s that ridiculously delicious. (I wanted to find a way to have chocolate for breakfast and have it be *actually* healthy.)
  • A dozen variations of Salads in a Jar — super easy meal prep for the week
  • Nine flavors of super easy chia pudding
  • My famous kale salad that, when other moms have made it, have had their kids asking for third helpings.  Just sayin’.
  • 19 flavors of oh-so-addictive kale chips
  • Homemade raw vegan chocolate peanut butter cups (*whimper*)
  • And of course my ever-popular — and dare I say, joygasmic — Triple Berry Chocolate Mousse Torte (pictured here)


    Download the full e-book version of the cookbook for $14.95:

    Here’s how some of my clients reacted during a recent joy retreat in St. Lucia, when they learned I’d be publishing these recipes:

    May these creations bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me over the years.


    I’m a foodie.  I love food, and especially food that’s good for my body and good for the planet.   A few years ago I created and taught Joy in the Kitchen un-cooking classes during the period when I was eating almost exclusively raw vegan food, and the 125 recipes in this cookbook are the result of that deliciously creative period of my life.   Now that the future of our world depends upon us eating healthier with greater conscious awareness of our food supply and the impact of our food choices on our society, economy, and our planet, mama gaia nudged me to publish these recipes to share my joy with you, too.   

    I cook for the joy of it, in between clients and teaching classes and leading events.  I get my best ideas while cooking, and hope you will too.