The Millionaire’s Club

“Come on in to the Millionaire’s Club!” A sharply-dressed man shouts through a megaphone, waving you toward the colorful canvas tent, a steady beat of upbeat dance music thumping through the walls.   The noise of the crowd inside intrigues you, and you pause to consider whether or not to go in.  “You wanna be a millionaire or not?” megaphone man demands.  “What you’ll learn here is THE difference between those who make it big, and the wanna-be’s.”

Not wanting to be a wanna-be, you turn toward the entrance.  “That’s it, you’re gonna go all the way with an attitude like that,” grins the speaker, waving his megaphone at you.   “If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.  Now go on in and get yourself a millionaire mindset!”

You peer into the tent, wondering if the secrets to being rich will REALLY be revealed to you, or if it really is just for other people who seem to have the charisma, the flash, the ability to charm – and who started their entrepreneurial journey at the age of six, selling lemonade, and who have decades of sales experience as a result.

“The secret to becoming a millionaire,” the loudspeaker booms, “is to work hard and CLEAR YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS! Do the work and clean up those beliefs!   As Henry Ford once said, “whether you think you can, or can’t, you’re right!”   And the first fifty people to purchase our Limiting Belief Clearing Program will receive the “Millionaire Meditations” bonus audio program valued at $1,999 but YOURS FREE when you enroll in Limiting Belief Clearing as one of the first fifty!  Our enrollment specialists are here to help you step into that future you know is yours – give yourself the gift of clearing those beliefs that have been holding you back, today!”

“Gosh, is that really all there is to it?”, you wonder.   “And if I’m skeptical, is THAT just a limiting belief?   Maybe I should sign up….”

You look at the line forming, calculating whether you can be one of the first fifty.  If you sprint now, you might just make it, but… oh, never mind.  The line’s longer than fifty now.  Forget it.   Nonetheless, you’ve got the gist of it – to get “there” you just have to clean up your beliefs.  You can figure out another way to do that, you decide.

You sneak out a back door, hoping to avoid the eye of megaphone man, and wander across the circus grounds, away from the booming music.  

As you meander toward the edge of the tents toward the fence, you notice an intricate wrought-iron design, shaping the word “CEMETERY” over to the right.  

At the same time, an enormous jet-black raven caws loudly as it flies overhead and lands on an imposing brick wall on your left, drawing your attention to the vividly-colored graffiti and geometric shapes painted upon the concrete blocks — designs that seem to beckon you.

Explore the cemetery

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