The Swing

You tug on the ropes holding the wooden plank to be sure they’re solid, before setting your full weight onto the swing.   Ahhh, feels good to sit down. 

You push your feet against the earth below, and the swing glides backwards, carrying you forward, backward, forward, and back.   As you tilt your head back to look up into the branches overhead, your legs extend out in front of you, and you gain momentum. 

It feels good to stretch your body, and you pump your legs, willing the swing to carry you higher.   Up, up, up you go, now feeling a light breeze on your cheeks as you rush through the air, carried by your own momentum and held aloft by the tree branch.   

At the peak of your trajectory, you feel yourself momentarily weightless – exhilarated by the feeling of freedom and the rush of the swing as you whoosh back and forth, back and forth.

A hearty chuckle escapes from your core as you grin broadly, remembering how fun it feels just to be outside, swinging just for the joy of it, no destination, no agenda, just back and forth, back and forth, simple, light, and happy.

As you swing, you glance over at the other tree and the tall ladder catches your eye.  It seems to extend high into the thick branches, higher than your swing is swinging.  Suddenly curious, you wonder if you dare climb it – just to see how high it goes. 

You continue swinging, pondering whether or not to slow down, when a silent silvery craft zooms in from the right and hovers just in front of you, a slight bit higher and just beyond the tips of your toes.   Is it an alien spaceship?  A futuristic floating car?  You are stunned by its sudden appearance and wait to see what happens next.