When you decide to live joygasmically,
miracles happen


The Joygasmic Living Collective is…



The felt sense of directly experiencing yourself as One with the Whole – not separate from the evolving cosmos but as the embodiment of something vastly powerful and mysterious working through you, for you, and as you.



What you think is your “next level” of success, wealth, love, freedom, or fulfillment is more than just “something new” coming in to grace your life and our world.   It is about unlocking the latent potential and dormant energy that’s already within you.

The future you’re wanting to create depends upon you activating and liberating a seed of creative genius that’s already inside you — a seed that’s been set aside, rejected, or seemingly undeveloped, since your childhood, while you went on working to become a successful adult in the ways of the world.

This kernel of genius within you holds the wisdom, energy, and inspired guidance you need to take aligned action, move mountains, and live your full potential.

The key to unlocking this unpotentiated power and creative genius lies in updating your beliefs and habits in four areas that form the core scaffolding of your reality:   value, time, money, and boundaries.

And the way we do this in the Joygasmic Living Collective, is through a powerful alignment practice called Quantum Play(TM) – a modality uniquely suited to today’s world in which most of us have forgotten the lightness of being that comes from pure and simple play.

It’s time for the full expression of you to come alive



The First Portal:  June 2022


If you desire more in your life — more abundance, more freedom, more joy, more wealth, more respect, more impact, more connection, more anything — it comes from expanding your relationship with value.

This teaching on value is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and frequently creates life-changing results — like my client Connor who quit his corporate job and started his own business one week after experiencing this work, or like Sal who sold a $50k coaching intensive within days and Jenn who landed a $150,000 contract within three weeks, or Cindy who sold her business for over 3x what she was considering and became a millionaire within 6 weeks of doing this work.

Value is an inside job, and in this portal we will Quantum Play(TM) our way into your next level of joygasmic fulfillment, abundance, and flow.

Dates:  Two-hour sessions held June 21, 22, and 23 at 2:00 pm MT / 4pm ET / 9pm UK / 6am (next day) Sydney

Enroll in the VALUE portal separately for $595, or save when you scroll down to join the Joygasmic Living Collective and receive all four programs.

The Second Portal:  July 2022


Most humans in the western world, and especially entrepreneurs, suffer from the most socially acceptable form of insanity:  “I don’t have enough time.”   Developing a relationship with time at the quantum level requires clearing the collective trauma response to the imagined future (“hurry!  not enough time!”) and mastering the art of bending time, creating time, and living in an abundance of time.

Clearing patterns of pressure and the associated behaviors that result from the normalization time-induced pressure, creates an exponential experience of abundance.

We will Quantum Play(TM) with the construct of time and re-educate your nervous system to new levels of spaciousness and flow, so you can deeply relax and receive the messages from your soul more elegantly and effortlessly.

Dates:  Two-hour sessions held July 26, 27, and 28 at 2:00 pm MT / 4pm ET / 9pm UK / 6am (next day) Sydney

The Third Portal: September 2022


Your relationship with money is directly related to the flow of currency — that is, the current of joygasmic energy that you either allow, enjoy, or block in the neuroenergetic circuitry of your body.

The meanings you’ve assigned and the power you’ve given to money are hugely responsible for the level of joy and freedom you are (or are not) experiencing in your life.

In this portal you’ll be shedding yet more layers of patriarchally-encrusted habit structures so that you can turn up the voltage on your money magnetism and allow the natural circulation of currency to flow with greater ease.   Yes, you’ll manifest delightful experiences, but most importantly, you’ll forever change your relationship with the construct of money so that it remains a source of joy and freedom rather than a trap that lures you to sell your soul.

Dates:  exact dates will be announced

The Fourth Portal: October 2022


Life will bring you what you expect.  So… how to uplevel your expectations without attachment?

What you desire, need, prefer, allow, and tolerate reveals your relationship with boundaries.  Every boundary (or lack thereof) allows joygasmic energy to flow with greater potency, or to leak and loop in discordant ways that show up as distracting or troubling experiences in your life.

In the fourth portal, we will elevate the standards of your boundaries, illuminate energy leaks and establish new tolerance limits, and activate your power to say more YES to your yes’s and NO to your no’s.

The more joygasmic your life becomes, the more it demands ferocity when tending to the boundaries that allow you to thrive.

If you want to experience a surge of joygasmic energy, momentum, and power, examine your boundaries closely and watch yourself soar.



The collective genius of a community has the power to elevate each member to astonishing new levels of impact, ease, and opportunity.

When we come together in a structured way to ask for and receive specific support related to each of our projects, the exchange of resources, ideas, references, wisdom, and information that happens swiftly and effortlessly, allows intelligence to circulate where it needs to flow in order for greatest expansion for all — and doors fly open from the power of the simplest Ask in the right room.

Between portals we will have Cross-Pollination parties your secret sauce when it comes to receiving what you need to create your vision while riding the wave of deep satisfaction that comes from supporting others’ most audacious visions to come to fruition.

The dates for the first two Cross-Pollination Parties are set for June 29 and August 3 at 2pm MT / 4pm ET / 9pm UK / 6am (next day) Sydney. 



Upon completion of each portal, you’ll receive a personalized Adventure Quest to implement what you’ve discovered and chosen during the portal.

You’ll have treasures to uncover, superpowers to utilize, and riddles to decode during the weeks between our portal programs.

Each step will unlock more of your unique creative genius and expand more joygasmic flow in your life and business, as you bring more and more of you into alignment with the full power and potential of who you are here to be in this lifetime.

You’ll find that you use this process again and again – anytime you are upleveling, facing an impossible challenge, or navigating uncertainty – bringing in your soul’s wisdom in a powerful yet light-hearted and playful way that moves mountains with seemingly no effort.


  • You know you’re a powerful creator, but somehow your life or business doesn’t reflect all of you, your magic, your genius, and you are ready to uplevel… fast… without feeling like you’re compensating for misalignment by pushing or forcing results.
  • You are intuitive, creative, and have done a shit-ton of work on yourself already, and still there’s something that’s not flowing how you know it can and should be.
  • Your work contributes to changing the cultural conversations in the areas you’re most passionate about … and yet there’s a gap between your business impact and what you know your creative genius is really capable of.
  • You’re a go-getter and love getting shit done… you just want to be taking the aligned actions that move the needle at a bigger scale than where you’ve been playing.
  • You’re used to being the most advanced person in the room, and have often quickly outgrown the coaching containers you’ve enrolled in,  and yet you long to find “your tribe” where you are met and challenged in soul-nourishing and deeply aligned ways.


“When I play, the “how” shows up”

“What I discovered from working and playing with Anne is that not only does the universe have my back but when I try to figure out the “how”, play IS  the “how.”  When I play and let that energy fortify me, the “how” happens.” 

Michelle Cove

Founder & Executive Director, Media Girls

“Flow is now my go-to…”

“I’ve been watching my own mind and my own nervous system learn to find evidence of genius, resilience, and fluidity  — to the point where flow is now my go-to, and I expect the Universe to bring me greatness and joy.   I just landed two of the biggest and most “hell yeah” clients I’ve ever had.  My trajectory is trending skyward and I couldn’t be happier to be playing in the wise and giddy atmosphere of Anne Rose Hart.”   

Brynn Breuner

CEO, Mindspark Branding

“The impossible becomes possible…”

“There’s no escape from the hard work, but the lightness of joy helps so much — the impossible becomes possible.  My energy level has gone up, I have confidence in myself, and I have trust again in my soul´s guidance. My focus has shifted towards the issues that bring me joy, since there is my purpose too.  Laughter comes more freely and I notice that what makes me laugh from the depth of my heart is what turns me and all my creative genius on.”  

Harriet Fagerholm

Founder, InTune Academy for Cultural Evolution


Value Portal Only

A la carte enrollment in the VALUE portal and access to the recording through November 2022.


Joygasmic Fourplay:

Includes all four portals, Cross-Pollination Parties, Adventure Quests, and access to the replays through November 2022, plus access to the growing digital library of Joygasmic Living mini-courses and bonus content.



The Joygasmic Living Collective is a curated community of powerful creators created from resonance and guided by the “goosebumps” method of enrollment. To maximize group resonance and coherence:

Please tell us about yourself in the following application questions (click below).

Review the community expectations and guidelines (you’ll see them on the next screen after your application).

If at that point it’s a “hell yeah” for you, submit your application with a $595 deposit.

If we feel the mutual “hell yeah” and get goosebumps about who you are and what you’re bringing to the world, your deposit will be applied to the enrollment level of your choice and our co-creative magic will begin!  (If your application is not accepted, your deposit will be refunded right away.)


The collective disruption called “pandemic” has received all the attention over the last two years.  But the silent and insidious epidemic that hasn’t made headlines is the EPIDEMIC OF EXTERNALIZATION — the socially-normalized perceptions and habits that have us looking outside ourselves for guidance and answers.

For generations, we in the western world have internalized patriarchal values and assumptions that perpetuate a domination-oriented paradigm of society.   It’s become normal and acceptable to follow rules provided by outside “authorities,” at the expense of our own inner knowing and connection with infinite intelligence.  Over the centuries, these habits have become entrenched in the forms of:

  • An economy that places no value on care and nurturing
  • An education model that squashes unique expression and creative genius from day one
  • A medical model of childbirth that instills fear into a natural process and strips sacredness from the arrival of souls into the world
  • A healthcare system that assumes the body is an object that must be tended to by “experts” rather than the consciousness occupying the body
  • Cultural conversations that dismiss one’s interior experience as “woo” or “a soft skill” while placing value on external achievements and material displays
  • Technologies that extract and consume resources from the planet in ways that make us the only species unable to live sustainably with the ecosystem we inhabit
  • And the list goes on and on.

All of these socialized ways of being operate from one fundamental belief system: 
that we are separate from the Whole.

As long as we experience ourselves as separate objects who interact with other objects in the physical world accordingly only to Newtonian laws of physics, we will continue to perpetuate cultural and socioeconomic systems that we have outgrown.

But in order to create a new world from expanded consciousness, we have to embody a higher level of consciousness within ourselves first.

And in order to experience ourselves as One with the Whole, we must first examine and re-educate our nervous systems to come into right relationship with how we experience, express, and receive VALUE, how we engage with the construct of TIME, how we understand and work with the energetic currency we call MONEY, and how we skillfully create and reinforce BOUNDARIES in ways that elevate ourselves and the Whole.

These may sound like conceptual shifts, but the foundation of the Joygasmic Living Collective is that of embodiment and FEELING your truth in your bones, your gut, your cellular structure, your physical body — so that we come from a different depth of wisdom and presence as we re-imagine and reinvent the social structures that form our world.

To create a world from higher values, we must  feel what we value.

This means:

  • feeling our most joygasmic and individual pace of creationwhich has nothing to do with the Gregorian calendar or clock time
  • feeling our innate value and the value of the genius and medicine we bring to the world … in a society that hasn’t yet fully come to value creativity, intuition, self-healing, fluent communication with the invisible realm, artistry, or the intelligence of energetic frequency as it informs everything from our primary relationships to our food supply to the building materials we use and the technologies that we depend upon
  • feeling our natural state of abundance that is always present… regardless of bank balances or ebbs and flows in our external circumstances
  • establishing and holding fierce boundaries to prioritize and protect these sacred connections … transcending our conditioned habits of pleasing others, conforming, or following rules to be accepted

The evolutionary shift we are navigating together is that of disruption which catalyzes reconnection:  reconnecting  with our own souls, with nature, and with Source / God / Creation / Cosmic Intelligence.

As we reconnect with the Whole through our own joygasmic connection, this radiant power extends beyond us into the ecosystems we dwell within.

The creative genius you have within you IS the antidote to the systemic crises our society faces right now and in the coming years and decades.

And the key to unlocking the next level of your creative genius, is for you to embody and normalize joygasmic living in your own experience.

It’s time, friends.



Why value, time, money, and boundaries as the four core alignments?

In over a decade of coaching thousands of people around their relationship with joy, I’ve found that these are the four themes that come up over and over as one expands in to “more” — the next level of their soul’s calling.

Whether we’re talking about manifesting, worthiness, creative expression, getting clients, actualizing a dream, making a career change, daring to go for the top where you belong, having the boldness to just DO the audacious thing that will change the world if you just get in there and do it, everything starts with a vision or a calling and then…. {womp womp womp}  we bump into the stuff of EMBODYING our highest potential, 360-degrees in our life.  And where nearly everyone gets caught up in a cobweb of sorts, is related in some way to one of these relationships.

So… I say, let’s get right with these fundamental relationships (which of course stem from THE most fundamental relationship with existence, that of whether we perceive ourselves as separate from or One with all of life) and lubricate all of the friction points that come up, by knowing how to orient properly.

You’ll find yourself better able to troubleshoot your sticky points by recognizing “OHO!   Here’s where I slipped into an old pattern around my relating to time,”  or “HAH!  Gotcha!   I was about to perceive value in the old way but now that I caught it, I am aligned with my higher path and I’m ON IT!”  (You may find yourself making karate chops in the air to add emphasis, or maybe that’s just me.)

We’re just lubricating all of life by focusing on these core areas of alignment, that’s all.

I'm not feeling inspired or motivated about my work right now. Please tell me this is not a "rah rah" jump up and down own kind of process. I don't need an energy boost, but I do want to feel aligned and inspired again.


And then there’s the quiet, steady hum of deep joy that happens when you are living in full-throttle alignment with your soul.

Sure, state changes can be useful for shifting one’s mood or feeling more awake, but that’s not the point here.   

When we do Quantum Play (TM), you’ll discover that the energetic frequency of your true nature is loaded with information, intelligence, guidance, and clarity – and that one way of activating this portal to your deepest knowing is through playful movement.  Sometimes it’s hilarious and delightful; sometimes it’s contemplative and quiet.  Always, it’s deeply insightful.   

When we do Quantum Play(TM), sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes we just stop in awe and really take in the intelligence that just dropped in.  But always, the purpose is to go deeper into what’s there beneath the emotional body, beneath the mental body, beneath the energy body, and live from the part of you that Knows.

And when you are in communion with the part of you that Knows, your alignment, inspiration, and flow is back on – whether that includes effusive expressions of enthusiasm or a quiet hum of churning out the work that needs to be done right now.

I am already super advanced and teach others about pleasure. Is there anything in this that I don't already know?

Let’s go beyond the definition of “knowing” as an intellectual experience, and explore it as a recognition of the vibrational frequencies that are the energetic blueprint of your soul.

If you look at every aspect of your life with the knowing that you are creating and expressing who you are in a way that makes you genuinely excited to wake up in the morning and get started…

If you look at the way you do your work or business and feel like you are wholeheartedly in love with your life and who you get to be in this lifetime…

If you sleep soundly at night because you feel deeply in harmony with the workings of the cosmos, the highest potential of who you are, and satisfaction with the ecosystem of your life….

Then, yes, you already know the depth of alignment that runs deeper than pleasure.

And… that said… because  this is an emergent space, it’s a space where the whisperings of your soul can be heard, revealing what “next level”  means for you.

I am not sure that I know how to play. Can I still get something from this experience?

You are not alone, here.  So many people feel like they didn’t even really play as kids, either — or have forgotten what it was like completely.

(Or, maybe you’re like me when I was five, and my mom invited kids over for a birthday party.  I was so excited to have them join me in my very favorite activity, and was so confused when they didn’t share my excitement about sitting in my room reading books. 🙂   #introvertsunite

Your version of play looks and feels different from my version of play and from everyone else’s too.  

The point is not to play in a certain way, the point is to FEEL how it feels to be authentically, naturally, easily you — unscripted, uncensored, unpressured, unencumbered by responsibilities and obligations, unleashed.   Some have labeled this “raw” or “wild” but often it’s really a quiet energy that’s just a natural, effortless flow.

But always, participants in my programs report feeling lighter, easier, and more connected with THEIR authentic experience of joy, playfulness, and flow – because this is an energetic container that holds and activates these frequencies within you.   

You’ll be astonished at what you discover within yourself, that was either dormant, buried, suppressed, or forgotten — and how you come alive when you feel it.

This sounds interesting, but I'm busy getting shit done. Why would I want to add this to my priority list?

Depends.  If you love the shit you’re doing and you wake up in the morning feeling peaceful about your life, aligned with your purpose, present in your relationships, plugged in to your inner spark, and like you’ve got the wind in your sails, then you’re good!  Carry on!  

If you’re busy but something feels “off,” then likely there’s something calling for attention in one of these four core areas.   You can certainly put off doing this inner alignment work indefinitely, but there is no “good time” and you’ll never NOT be busy, so it really comes down to this:

When the discomfort of NOT addressing these core areas of alignment gets bigger than the reward you’re gaining from staying busy, then you’ll find that you naturally want to prioritize it. 

Don’t worry — life will bring you exactly the uncomfortable experiences you need, to help you become motivated!  🙂

I already know how to clear blocks and do inner child work and I do this with all of my clients too. Is this just more of that?

If we identify two broad categories for transformational experience, we can say that one end of the spectrum is about clearing, healing, co-regulating, or integrating blocked or fragmented energy in one’s bodymind.  Beyond “clearing”, then what?   The journey from “normal” or “stabilized” energy into optimal performance and flow is the other end of the spectrum.

What is beyond self-compassion, equanimity, and inner peace?   The zero point energy is our foundation for aligning with the joygasmic flow of energy, that provides endless fuel, passion, and clarity.

And when you do Quantum Play(TM), you are tapping into the frequency of your highest potential and bringing through the intelligence of the emergent future, in ways that will delight and surprise you.  When you reconnect with your own embodied experience of play, you will remember pathways within yourself that you planted before you came into this life, that excite and inspire you from the inside out.

What, exactly, is a joygasm? Is this one of those Goddess Energy pussy power programs?

There is a direct correlation between energy flow in the hips, pelvis, womb, and root, and one’s experience of joy, for sure.   And while we will be engaging in embodiment practices, I generally leave the specifics of feminine anatomy to those who specialize in tantric practice. 

Joygasmic energy is not sexual, although sexual experiences can be an artistic medium through which joygasmic energy is experienced and embodied.   

A joygasm, rather, is the felt-sense of embodied presence in the moment, in which Oneness is not a concept but rather a direct knowing, experienced in the body rather than the mind.

Joygasmic Living is the art of translating this knowingness of Oneness into all aspects of one’s life, work, and relationships, so that it is embodied in attention, awareness, and action, rather than simply a fleeting moment of bliss, ecstasy, or flow.

If you’ve experienced a joygasmic moment, you know the felt-sense and the desire to want to feel more of that.  We are extending that energy into the scaffolding of your life through the four core aspects (value, time, money, boundaries) so that your personal ecosystem creates the conditions in which joygasmic flow is more readily available and normalized.

If you haven’t experienced a joygasmic moment, no worries — it’s not about chasing a hit of bliss to string together a series of peak moments, it’s about organizing your life so that you’ve created the conditions in which joygasms are more likely to occur on a regular basis.

I'm an integral geek, interested in the LR quadrant. This joygasmic thing seems a bit too UL and self-indulgent for me. Does it map to the AQAL framework?

Dear Integral Geek,

I hear ya.   Does it help to think about the entire integral map as GPS coordinates in the spacetime hologram, and yourself as a microcosm of a macro?

Because once you can hone in on the GPS coordinates of the areas you’re most passionate about in the AQAL framework, and discover where those points of creation live WITHIN the hologram of you, it’s a whole new game… 

… beyond conceptual theory into embodied intelligence.   

And when we are talking “joygasmic” we are talking about activating the power of creation itself, harnessed and directed into the specific GPS coordinates and cosmic addresses of the social issues and systemic change you are here to contribute to with your genius.  It has a feel to it — a resonance with a specific energetic frequency — and what we do here is calibrate to the frequencies that most enliven the instrument that is you.

This means that you become exponentially more effective, are supported even more with synchronicity and inspiration, and have greater impact — because you’ve expanded the capacity of your instrument to allow more and create more.

Looking forward to geeking out on this with you!  Come and play… 🙂 

I've heard that this is where Professor Happypants is tenured. Will she be be making an appearance?

I’ve been informed that yes, Professor Marion Happypants (The World’s Leading Expert on Joy) will take a brief break from writing her book on the the quantum mechanics of joy, to share some of her findings in the way that only she can.

How long is each portal and do I have to be live on every call?

Each portal will include a deep-dive training and playbook, a live Q & A session, and an Adventure Quest session where you’ll hone your focus on how you’ll implement and integrate the expansion.   If you can’t make the live sessions,  you’ll receive the recordings afterwards.

What happens between portals?

At the end of each portal program, you’ll receive a Adventure Quest to support you in integrating and implementing the shifts you’ve experienced.

We have a private virtual community, where you can share celebrations, insights and aha’s, breakthroughs, and sticky points as you move through your Adventure Quest.

Can I enroll in each portal separately?

Yes, when the enrollment opens for each one.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be given, for any reason, under any circumstances.

“Doubled my income — best investment I have ever made”

I’ve doubled my income and my life and business are thriving because of how Anne coached me to elevated levels in my thinking patterns, my belief in myself, and my business execution.

I am so, so happy — probably happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.  I’ve learned so much from Anne in  such a short time, not only from what she teaches but how she lives it and shows, by her example, a fresh way of doing business. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Jill Sommers

Performance Coach

“Alignment with way more joy”

“The biggest shift that I’ve experienced since working with Anne altogether would be that I no longer live and act from my head as much as I do from my heart. I downloaded my book and wrote it in days – and I’m not even a writer!   Her ability and incorporation of laughter and play into everything she does really helps me get out of my logical brain and act in alignment with my divine desires that bring me way more joy than being logical ever did!”

Lacey Broussard

Creator, Multiorgasmic Mama Podcast

“Like going to a circus”

After doing these practices with Anne, my life started changing like out of nowhere — I felt inspired to change my diet and immediately felt much better, I became highly creative, I spontaneously felt like making some dramatic changes regarding my website which turned out to be the best decision ever! Working with Anne is like going to a circus and having a blast and feeling empowered, too.

Daniela Dimitriu



The Joygasmic Living Collective is a space to expand into higher octaves of embodied intelligence, allowing us to include more complexity, creativity, and collaborative power into our next iterations.

We include what has come before, bringing forward the intelligence and wisdom from previous iterations of Consciousness, while also including what is arising from the emergent future.

No stage is “better” or “worse” than what has come before, and we weave in and out of embodied experiences in each, but our capacity to hold it all with joyful presence expands as we grow.


If you’d like to be part of the Joygasmic Living movement, preparing the next generation(s) for a future that none of us can even imagine, now is the time to come and play.  The Joygasmic Living Collective portals are prerequisites for the next cohort of Quantum Play(TM) Facilitator training, which will begin January 2023.

“More flow,  fun, and time for me…”

What I learned from Anne was how to relax, trust my intuition, get into the space of creativity, experience “flow” more often, and have fun with my business.    Anne authentically embodies this way of life and business, which helped me to do the same.  I just signed two new coaching clients.  I’m creating the content for my online course which I love doing, I was just asked to speak at my former university about my work, and I’m going paragliding and hot-air ballooning — two bucket list items!  What I feel is not only joy but balance.  I’m not so crazed anymore.  I’m delegating to my team.  I’m doing the things I love to do and am good at.  I’m saying no to what doesn’t work for me.  I have time for my family and friends.  I have time for me.”

Lis Williams

CEO and Founder, Awe Partners

“Riding the wave of life like a surfboard”

“I feel like I’m not getting tossed around like I used to.  Now, life is happening FOR me.  I’m in the driver’s seat.  It’s for my benefit.  I don’t have to wear myself out by trying to do things the hard way.   I’m not beating myself up like I used to.   I truly enjoy my challenges and I can ride the wave of life like a surfboard.  I feel like I’m being so true to myself – not being overly demanding, and not selling myself short, either.  Now I’m in the flow.  I’m riding the current instead of being pushed around.   Everybody should get a chance to experience this.” 

LaRita Jarvis

CEO, Jarvis & Co

“Aligned and unstoppable!”

Anne has shown me a whole new way of being that nobody else models – her generosity, flexibility, and creative way of doing business – while also being honest and direct, with a unique gift of helping me laugh and find lightness during the challenges that usually stress me out.   I’m attracting new clients, my income has already grown, and I’m looking forward to what the next few months bring – I’m feeling aligned and unstoppable!”

Dr. Sarah Peters

CEO, Diamond Core Training


Value Portal Only

A la carte enrollment in the VALUE portal and access to the recording through November 2022.


Joygasmic Foreplay:

Includes all four portals, Cross-Pollination Parties, Adventure Quests, and access to the replays through November 2022, plus access to the growing digital library of Joygasmic Living mini-courses and bonus content.



The Joygasmic Living Collective is a curated community of powerful creators created from resonance and guided by the “goosebumps” method of enrollment. To maximize group resonance and coherence:

Please tell us about yourself in the following application questions (click below).

Review the community expectations and guidelines (you’ll see them on the next screen after your application).

If at that point it’s a “hell yeah” for you, submit your application with a $595 deposit.

If we feel the mutual “hell yeah” and get goosebumps about who you are and what you’re bringing to the world, your deposit will be applied to the enrollment level of your choice and our co-creative magic will begin!  (If your application is not accepted, your deposit will be refunded right away.)

Joygasmic Living means…




“Integrated, practical joy”

I wanted more joy and playfulness in my life, and now this gives me a system that creates transformation through play, which I find exciting.

What I love about the Quantum Play framework is that it really brings online the parts of ourselves that make us who we are.

And it’s grounded in the practical — integrating both masculine and feminine in harmony.

Nat Couropmitree

CEO, Bold Aliveness

“Undeniable transformation”

I’ve been engaged in personal development and transformation for a long time, and it’s not easy work.  Quantum Play is like cheating by putting graphite on your Pinewood Derby wheels.  It’s the lubricant.

This modality brings the transformation into your body at a deeper cellular and energetic level and energetic level so you’re not having war between your heart and your mind.

Usually I know what’s needed, in my head, but it’s not embodied.  But Quantum Play does it.   It just happens.  And it’s way more fun.

It has helped me have a lot less stress in my life.   I just love to feel my how my body vibrates at the end of the practices… the transformation is undeniable.

Chele Howell

Founder, SOAR Mentoring

“Simple, balanced, and filled with joy”

Quantum Play lets us craft a life that’s simple, balanced, and filled with joy.   I love how it helps us look at how the universe works, and see how we work like that, too, when we strip away the things that have pulled us away from our center.

This offers another way of leadership that’s based on vibration and resonance instead of only numbers and what can currently be measured.

It’s a system that creates magnetic coherence.

Emily Murphy

CEO, Emily Murphy Creative

For over a decade, Anne has been developing pioneering methods in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology, supporting evolutionary leaders to transcend their over-reliance on intellect and productivity and harness the creative power of life itself.

With her unique and powerful modality, Quantum PlayTM, a somatic practice for unleashing power and potential by creating flow states through play, Anne brings together leading edge research from neurophysiology, developmental psychology, quantum physics, energy medicine, integral theory, and spirituality to help awakened leaders to create deeply fulfilling lives of entrepreneurial artistry, profound impact, and exquisite joy.

With clients & students in 22 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a pilot, biplane wingwalker, skydiving instructor, triathlete, jazz pianist, scuba diver, barrel racer, historian, web developer, leader of global joy retreats on three continents, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, Certified Integral Facilitator, Certified Circling Facilitator, and human potential junkie to inspire leaders to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above “ordinary” to co-create a more compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Ohhh, the places we’ll go….

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