What if you could harness the power of JOY to create healing, transformation, and miracles in your life and the lives of your clients?

Welcome to Quantum Play – the new paradigm of high performance

in which human potential is unleashed through joy.

By the end of Quantum Play Facilitator Training, you will have:


  • Become more fully and authentically you — relaxed, trusting, confident, and joyfully alive
  • Learned a framework to coach, support, or train clients and groups with a powerful and playful science-based transformational methodology
  • Developed expertise and experience in the neuroscience of change, creativity, and peak performance using flow states, play, and the energy of joy

The Quantum Play TM methodology aligns body, mind, and spirit

bringing together cutting edge research from neurophysiology, developmental psychology, energy medicine, quantum science, integral theory, and spirituality for an
integrated, holistic approach to high performance and human potential.

What are the benefits of Quantum Play?

  • Sustainable lightness of being
  • A felt-sense of wholeness and flow
  • Clarity, confidence, and inspiration
  • Heightened creativity
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased emotional resilience
  • More energy, vitality, and wellbeing
  • Amplified productivity
  • Accelerated learning
  • Elimination of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety

Quantum Play facilitator training is for you if:

Quantum Play Facilitator Training is for elite coaches, therapists, and facilitators that work with individuals or groups who:

  • value high performance, flow states, and creativity
  • don’t have enough time and are crazy busy juggling it all
  • are stressed out, burned out, or overwhelmed
  • experience self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or overthinking
  • want to regain trust in themselves and in life
  • struggle with health, energy, or unexplainable physical symptoms
  • are seeking more purpose, meaning, or clarity
  • are in transition or reinventing themselves
  • are growing their emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness


    What you’ll get from Quantum Play Facilitator Training:

    • Learn the most playful and advanced science-based methodology for personal transformation – an inner technology grounded in leading edge research while also dancing with the emergent intelligence of the moment
    • Practice proven embodiment tools and techniques to create powerful breakthroughs for your clients swiftly and consistently, so they can create extraordinary outcomes in their life, relationships, health, and business
    • Gain experience with the skillful application of playful movement, playful mindset, and laughter to accelerate transformation, healing, and creativity
    • Learn a step-by-step proven process – to help your clients transcend stress, anxiety, and overwhelm and experience greater trust, relaxation, and peace
    • Go beyond mindfulness and mindset to create sustainable ease and embodied joy – for yourself and for your clients
    • Evolve yourself to evolve the whole, by becoming a more fluid, flexible instrument of Consciousness
    • Receive the Quantum Play playbook — a framework of transformational tools, games, and experiences for you to use with private clients or groups.

    “Quantum Play offers a new form of leadership, where we are modeling how we can show up in the world.  We are leading through our presence.   When all aspects of ourselves are in harmony, there’s such a pure frequency that it invites other people into their own alignment.”


    “More joy and playfulness in my life!”

    I wanted more joy and playfulness in my life, and now this gives me a system that creates transformation through play, which I find exciting.

    I’ve hidden parts of myself because I’ve been conditioned to believe that they are unacceptable and weak, and so I’ve been trying to make my life work this other way.

    What I love about the Quantum Play framework is that it really brings online the parts of ourselves that make us who we are.

    And it’s grounded in the practical — integrating both masculine and feminine in harmony.

    Nat Couropmitree

    Creator of the Unconditional Receiving Framework, UnconditionalReceiving.com

    “Undeniable transformation”

    I’ve been working on personal development and transformation for a long time, and it’s not easy work.  Quantum Play is like cheating by putting graphite on your Pinewood Derby wheels.  It’s the lubricant.

    This modality brings the transformation into your body at a deeper cellular and energetic level and energetic level so you’re not having war between your heart and your mind.

    Usually I know what’s needed, in my head, but it’s not embodied.  But Quantum Play does it.   It just happens.  And it’s way more fun.

    It has helped me have a lot less stress in my life.   I just love to feel my how my body vibrates at the end of the practices… the transformation is undeniable.

    Chele Howell

    SOAR Mentoring

    “Simple, balanced, and filled with joy”

    Quantum Play lets us craft a life that’s simple, balanced, and filled with joy.   I love how it helps us look at how the universe works, and see how we work like that, too, when we strip away the things that have pulled us away from our center.

    This offers another way of leadership that’s based on vibration and resonance instead of only numbers and what can currently be measured.

    It’s a system that creates magnetic coherence.

    Emily Murphy

    Soul Alchemist, EmilyMurphyCreative.com


    The next cohort begins in early 2021 : details will be posted in November 2020!

    “The impossible becomes possible!”

    Since doing these practices,  my energy level has gone up, I have confidence in myself, and I have the trust again in my soul’s guidance.

    My focus has shifted towards the issues that bring me joy, since there is my purpose too. I had been caught up in narrow thinking and now the horizon has broadened a lot.

    Laughter comes more freely and I notice that it guides me. What makes me laugh from the depth of my heart is what turns me and all my creative genius on.

    There’s no escape from the hard work, but the lightness of joy helps so much — the impossible turns out to be possible.”

    ~ Harriet Fagerholm

    Co-Creative Facilitator, www.intune.fi

    “When I play, the “how” shows up”

    I think of myself as a playful person. But even though I know how important it is – it’s FUNDAMENTAL to my wellbeing – I think I’ve let it slide, and it’s harder to play when you don’t have playmates saying “let’s do THIS!

    I wanted to deepen my belief that the Universe is truly benevolent and not to doubt that it’s helping me to grow.  And what I’ve learned from this is that there is no “if”, there is no doubt… and that PLAY is “the how.”

    When I play, the “how” shows up.


    Michelle Cove

    Founder and Executive Director, www.mediagirls.org

    A skeptic says … “Game-changer”

    I was a skeptic. At first I thought it was ridiculous, I felt self-conscious and uncomfortable.

    HA! Once again, Anne’s playful approach, one of movement, laughter and fun was a game changer.

    I went from skeptic to believer, when I recently reviewed what I captured nine months ago during a Quantum Play event, and saw that it had proved to be true.

    I can hardly wait to see how the year ends. I am excited and ready with open heart and mind to participate in more Quantum Play with Anne.

    Amie Blumberg

    Amie Blumberg Coaching


    1:  Creating a New Narrative for Your Life

    2:   Activating the Neurophysiology of Conscious Creation

    3:  Transforming the Neurophysiology of “Stress”  & Limiting Beliefs

    4: Transforming Power Dynamics

    5: Perspective-Taking

    6 : Creating Safety & Flow

    7 : Tapping into the Creative Power of the Universe

    MODULE 1:  Creating a New Narrative for Your Life 

    Without a resonant cosmological narrative for our lives, it’s impossible to harness the energy we need to stay resilient, empowered, and joyful in today’s age of acceleration.   For many, organized religion is no longer enough to create a meaningful context for existence, and yet rationalism and science don’t offer quite enough explanation either. New age spirituality and metaphysics often seem ungrounded or irrelevant for practical application.  So… 

    • How do we explain WHO WE ARE, and WHAT IS THE POINT of our existence?   
    • How do we make meaning from what might otherwise deteriorate into futile nihilism?   
    • How can we face our current daunting world challenges with buoyancy, resilience, and personal power?    

    We begin our Quantum Play foundations with an embodied experience of a new cosmological story — the framework in which you can write the meaningful story of you and your note in the symphony of life.   

    You will experience the power of Quantum Play to create an empowering direct experience of yourself in the new narrative — as a Conscious Creator within an Evolving Cosmos.

    MODULE 2:   Activating the Neurophysiology of Conscious Creation 

    Our current social and academic models have created a paradigm of seriousness, in which  enjoyment, pleasure, levity, and play are frowned upon as unprofessional, irresponsible, lazy, or childish — particularly in the face of the daunting challenges we face.   

    Suppressing our natural capacity to play has a profound cost:  stress-related issues account for up to 90% of all doctor visits, and our medical and mental healthcare systems are crumbling beneath the weight of our cortisol-induced limitations.   

    Our collective inability to embody “lightness of being” ensures that we inhibit our creativity, diminish our capacity for resilience, and remain stuck in outdated ways of thinking that prolong our individual and collective suffering.

    • How can we bring earnest sincerity and responsibility to the enormous challenges we face personally and societally — without crushing ourselves with stress?
    • How can we take our work seriously, while embodying a carefree attitude of creative resourcefulness and lightness?
    • How can we be joyful in the face of profound suffering and hopelessness — and when or how is it even appropriate to do so?

    In this module: 

    • You will learn practices to shift your neurophysiology, embody higher consciousness, and create flow states on demand, without turning to substances or stimulants to create altered states.   
    • You’ll develop the skills to change your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic state naturally on demand, so you can access a more creative, generative, and empowered response to any challenge, setback, obstacle, or conflict.
    • You’ll lubricate your “choice muscle” so it becomes easier to shift out of stress, anxiety, and concern into lighter yet grounded and wise perspectives — authentically, naturally, and intentionally.
    • You’ll learn how to bring a “carefree” presence to your work and biggest challenges — taking them seriously without taking yourself so seriously.

    MODULE 3:  Transforming the Neurophysiology of “Stress”  & Limiting Beliefs

    Positive psychology is only one side of the coin;  we cannot effectively embody higher consciousness without embracing and including the shadow side of our experience, too.   However, it is possible to bring a playful attitude to the alchemy and transformation of the unlovable and repressed aspects of ourselves — when approached with skill.

    What we casually refer to as “stress” is the neuroenergetic and physiological impact of the perceived gap between our current situation and the magnitude of the challenges we are facing. 

    If we have not developed the neuroenergetic circuitry to respond in an empowered manner — or if our nervous system has been compromised based on past trauma, failure, pain, rejection, or disappointment — we struggle to meet difficult situations with resilience, compassion, and presence.    

    The new paradigm requires us to learn how to interpret “stress” in an intelligent and empowering way — to discover how, specifically, life is inviting us to grow and develop.

    In this module:

    • You will learn how to interpret the somatic intelligence of your body using the Awesomeness Map and Crap Map models, to glean the “clues” hidden in your stress and bodily tension and use them as fuel for forward momentum and inspired action.
    • You will deepen your emotional intelligence and capacity to experience and heal “negative” and uncomfortable emotions — within an empowering context that moves this discomfort through your body more quickly and fluidly instead of staying stuck and lingering for hours, days, or weeks.
    • You will learn how to clear shame and guilt from your nervous system and liberate that energy for authentically joyful and creative pursuits instead.

    MODULE 4: Transforming Power Dynamics

    Your ability to create change is directly related to the degree of personal power you have to effect change.   If you feel disempowered in relationship to a circumstance or another person — in your family, relationships, workplace, or from your past — you are effectively handing them your power on a silver platter.   Even if you feel like you’ve transcended “victimhood” there may be a subtle way in which you’re likely perpetuating an unconscious dynamic based in disempowerment (sometimes as simple as “I don’t know HOW that could ever change…” mindset) — or in subtly or overtly manipulating others.  

    Power is not about using “force” to overpower others; it’s about effectively standing in your own power, truth, and wisdom and  using your presence and voice to take a stand for what’s right and true in the moment — using a variety of skillful responses.

    The new paradigm demands that we become more effective in our ability to read the subtle power dynamics at work, bring awareness of our own use or misuse of power, and employ new responses based in powerful presence rather than unhealthy or inhibited power dynamics.

    In this module you will learn a powerful Quantum Play process that transforms hidden power dynamics from unhealthy and unconscious responses into liberated awareness and empowered presence.

    MODULE 5: Perspective-Taking

    An important developmental hallmark is our capacity to take on multiple perspectives — to see the world through the eyes of others, especially if their perspective differs from our own.   Perspective-taking allows us to be more effective in relationships, as leaders, in business marketing, and even within ourselves.

    Play is one of the fastest and most effective ways to deepen your capacity to adopt multiple perspectives.  Not only does it allow you to safely and humorously role-play alternative scenarios, play also creates the biochemical conditions in your brain that accelerate the development of new  neural networks — allowing you to “see” things differently more quickly and creatively.

    The new paradigm requires us to view ourselves, each other, and our challenges through new eyes.  Those who have the capacity to adopt multiple perspectives readily will have a priceless skillset and presence to all those they encounter.

    In this module: 

    • You will learn tools to expand your perspective-taking capacity with lightness and inquiry — so that you can more skillfully meet the perspectives of others – even if and especially when they may differ from yours.   With expanded perspective-taking capacity, you’ll “improv” in the moment more readily to spontaneously do what’s needed in the situation.
    • You’ll “sense” the underlying power dynamics in relationships more readily so you can respond effectively.  
    • You’ll expand your creative problem-solving capacities because you can “see” new potentials where before there appeared to be none.
    • You’ll experience more joy in the moment — spotting the incongruities between what you *thought* was real and the deeper truth of the situation, with levity, grace, and humor.

    MODULE 6 : Creating Safety & Flow

    Transformation within ourselves and within relationships and groups can only happen in a space of trust and safety.   As leaders, it’s up to us to create safe spaces for ourselves and others to take risks, be vulnerable, and express differences in a constructive manner.

    In addition, the new paradigm invites to create the conditions for flow — either personally or via group flow.  To create flow, you must have:

    • A level of challenge and difficulty appropriate to your current capacity and stretching you into the next level of growth
    • Some degree of risk that creates intensified focus and motivation
    • A high level of skill — that requires you to bring forth the best of you and all of your skillsets in creative new ways

    Creating group flow also requires a shared purpose, shared agreements, clear goals, and equal participation, in addition to an element of risk.

    In this module, you will learn creative and effective ways to create psychological and emotional safety for yourself and others to allow transformation and full self-expression.   You’ll also explore creative ways to create conditions for flow — for yourself, in relationships, and in groups you’re leading.

    MODULE 7 : Tapping into the Creative Power of the Universe

    To live creative lives of joygasmic freedom, contribution, and self-actualization, we must develop the daily habits of alignment and mindset conditioning, so we have the energy, clarity, and confidence we need to move boldly into the unknown with unstoppable courage and joy.

    Bringing intention and inquiry to each day allows us to sculpt our reality as artists of the soul, honoring the desires in our hearts and co-creating with the infinite intelligence of life.   

    The new paradigm invites us to shift our self-image from fear-based “personalities in skin suits” to vessels or instruments of a greater life energy moving through us — and learn how to work with the infinite intelligence of life rather than remaining oblivious to our limitless power and possibilities.

    In this module:

    • You will learn the simple yet powerful “Mojo Dojo” daily practice to create your desired outcomes using inquiry, intention, and movement to source the intelligence, guidance, and  energy you need.
    • You will deepen your understanding of what “failure” or “loss” can mean and how to interpret your results accurately, to fuel your creative flow, transcend fear, and trust yourself to take right action in the midst of adversity and uncertainty, regardless of past disappointments or setbacks.
    • You will gain a skillset and body of questions that bring more joy, wonder, lightness, and inspiration into your experience each day.


    Do I need to already be a coach to get the most out of this program?

    Some of you will have done coach training  or certification in some form; some of you are “coaches” by nature and have a talent for being present with people in a deeply supportive way.  

    Quantum Play Facilitator training will not provide basic coaching skills as taught in conventional coach training.   

    However, this body of work trains you to look for patterns in thinking, behavior, and movement that illuminate compensatory patterns and “limiting beliefs” so that you can skillfully work with the pattern and support your client into liberating themselves from their personal flavor of stress and limitation.

    If you are already a coach, you will find that this body of work gives you “hot knife through butter” tools to complement your current skills and accelerate transformation for your clients using somatic awareness and neurophysiological repatterning in addition to mindset shifts.

    Regardless, of whether you are a certified coach or not, you will find that this methodology gives you a foundation to support people in their transformation– powerfully, effectively, and swiftly.

    This looks so awesome. I don't feel like I'm exactly a poster child for JOY, though. Do I have to be a joyful, playful person to do this program?

    During your application you will be asked to rate yourself on the Curmudgeon Assessment Scale, which will tell us whether you’re a fit for this work.


    If you’re drawn to this work, trust yourself.   It’s the great cosmic joke that we are drawn to teach what we most need to learn.  *sigh*   So….. here we are… harbingers of the new earth in which we are ALL remembering how to reconnect with joy and play.

    What comes alive for you during the program IS exactly what your clients and audiences are yearning for, and as you discover how the energy of joy works its magic on you, you’ll have powerful stories to share with your peeps.

    I am already a phenomenal coach. I've studied with the best of the best. What can this program possibly offer me, that I haven't already studied?

    That’s entirely up to you.  Part of the power of Quantum Play is that it aligns and connects you with your own “soul’s medicine,” so to speak — the unique flavor of transformation that only YOU are here to bring to the world.

    Quantum Play isn’t about giving you more of “what’s already been done.”  It’s inherently creative, tapping into the emergent intelligence of the moment and your own unique note in the symphony of life.

    What’s going to come through for you, is that which has never been seen before, in all the world and all of time.   It’s your creative genius, more fully embodied than ever before.   This is your opportunity to develop it into your own methodology, “signature system”, and life’s work, which has a life of its own.

    Is this anything like Laughter Yoga?

    Ten years ago when I certified as a Laughter Yoga Teacher, my intuition told me clearly that the LY practices were exactly the stepping stone that my soul had guided me to, to develop my own body of work.

    For the first 5 years, I ran a local laughter club which I called “Laughter Yoga”, in which I conducted my own experiments — playing with laughter, movement, intention, inquiry, and the foundations of what is now Quantum Play.

    So, yes, the fundamental physicality of Quantum Play is based in laughter and play, which on the surface may look similar to Laughter Yoga.  

    However, the primary purpose of Quantum Play is to support individuals on their journey of self-actualization — which requires us to bring coherence to our energy field and congruence to our behaviors, to align with our soul’s purpose in life, alleviate suffering and stress, and embody a higher level of consciousness.

    Quantum Play principles draw from polyvagal theory to rewire the nervous system and clear subconscious programs or “blocks,” and uses state changes to support  stage changes, as transformation is termed in developmental psychology.

    So, while on the surface it might look like we do a bit of laughter and a bit of play, Quantum Play has a depth and complexity that makes it unique from Laughter Yoga.

    As a therapist, I work with trauma, and laughter and play seem entirely inappropriate for addressing trauma. Does Quantum Play apply to therapy settings?

    Yes.  We go into this in great depth during the Facilitator Training, bringing the latest research from polyvagal theory and neurophysiology into the application of joy, play, and laughter for transformation.

    A critical factor for healing and transformation is creating emotional, psychological, and physiological safety,  so there are foundations that must be in place before joy can be introduced — and these are part of the Quantum Play methodology.

    That said, there is also an incredibly healing power of joy, laughter, and play, that clients sometimes report creates immediate shifts — moving things that could not be moved after even decades of talk therapy.

    In particular, this work can have a direct and immediate healing effect on the region of the brain responsible for creating shame.

    The skillful use of these techniques is part of what we’ll be doing during this training — for both therapeutic settings and coaching applications.

    Will I be given scripts or templates for what to say or do with my clients?

    You’ll learn the Quantum Play methodology and framework, which will provide specific power questions and language as well as teaching you HOW to think about and approach challenges or situations, and how to apply specific movement techniques and inquiries to the most common patterns and themes you’ll encounter in coaching or facilitation.

    You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to practice applying the methodology with your peers, with the support and guidance of Anne.

    Ummm.... is this some spiritual woo shit where you talk about magic and unicorns?

    The reason Quantum Play even exists is BECAUSE that fluffy language about unicorns does not resonate with me.  No offense to unicorn-lovers, but the way my mind works, I need to have an explanation that makes sense; even though I’m comfortable with MYSTERY and the Great Unknown, I prefer to have a rational explanation that helps me connect with a grounded and practical WHY I should engage in any mystical or unconventional practice.

    Quantum Play draws from my 12+ years of research, study, and exploration of applied consciousness studies, quantum physics, metaphysics, developmental psychology, evolutionary biology, neurophysiology, integral theory, evolutionary spirituality, and energy medicine, to create my own hypothesis for a Unified Field Theory that explains the chaos, suffering, joy, bliss, conflict, and absurdity of the human condition.

    Participants in Quantum Play Facilitator training commonly say things like, “I appreciate that you’ve done the research to ground your work in science. It’s very practical energy work that can appeal to those of us who aren’t into crystals etc.  While I’m completely open to all things spiritual and honor those that are into esoteric inquiries, your framework is ideal for me.”

    If you like to geek out on how the very fabric of spacetime and the universal lessons that have guided the cosmos and human evolution over 14 billion years actually provide a profoundly grounded and powerful cosmological narrative that informs our biology, psychology, physiology, emotions, and human potential, you will love Quantum Play .  🙂

    “Created a $30,000 week by choosing “OH HELL YES!””

    In the last 12 months I’ve watched my own mind and nervous system learn to find evidence of genius, resilience, and fluidity, to the point where FLOW is now my “go-to”, and I expect the Universe to bring me greatness and joy.

    Yes,  I still fall back to self-doubt — but that’s not my home anymore.  Now my world is OH HELL YES!

    I’m stunned to see the progress this past year… and the new me says, very quietly, “but of course.”

    I recently wooed two of the biggest and most “hell yeah” clients I’ve ever hand, and when they both called on a full moon night to say “yes”, I had my first $30,000 week.

    My trajectory is trending skyward and I could not be happier to be playing in the wise and giddy atmosphere of Anne Rose Hart.

    ~ Brynn Breuner


    “Doubled my income — best investment I have ever made”

    I’ve doubled my income, I just led an incredible, profitable retreat in Mallorca, Spain, and my life and business are thriving because of working with Anne.

    She coached me to elevated levels in my thinking patterns, my belief in myself, and my business execution — and to realize I have what it takes to be a performance coach who impacts high-achieving women, not just on a coaching call but “out in the field” experiencing life-changing adventures.

    I am so, so happy — probably happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.  I’ve learned so much from Anne in  such a short time, not only from what she teaches but how she lives it and shows, by her example, a fresh way of doing business.”

    Working with Anne has been the best investment I have ever made.”

    ~ Jill Sommers

    Jill Sommers Performance Coaching

    “Would not be me, without this!”

    Anne is exquisitely skilled at this work and I’m so grateful to have found her and to have done this work because it’s just been profoundly transformational for me.

    This whole JOY thing!   I’m like a different person – I’m the happy version of me and I’m just finding myself naturally being kind.  In the past when I was feeling “too good” or “too happy” I didn’t trust it, and I felt like I couldn’t tolerate it.   And now I feel like I can TOTALLY tolerate it!  I’m rockin’ the joy.  It feels so fucking awesome.  Deep bow of gratitude, from the bottom of my joyful heart.

    I would not be “Babs” — would not have uncovered this part of me and recognized the highest expression of myself, without Anne and the practices she’s shared.

    ~ Barbara "Babs" Gosselin

    Holistic Physical Therapy

    “Aligned and unstoppable!”

    “I had completely lost my spark, lost touch with my vision, my confidence, and my joy.   I couldn’t imagine how I would get out of the rut I was in – doing work that was no longer inspiring but paid too well to leave.

    Now I have massive clarity about where I’m going and what I want to create in my life and business, I have a clear plan and strategy, I’ve got my confidence back, and I’m feeling deeply connected with my real self again. 

    The unique gift has been discovering that I can laugh and find lightness during the challenges that usually stress me out.

    I’m attracting new clients, my income has already grown, and I’m looking forward to what the next few months bring – I’m feeling aligned and unstoppable!”

    Dr. S

    “I wouldn’t be the speaker I am, without Anne.”

    Anne ROCKS!!! She helped me take my keynote from an amateur jumble of ideas to something that I can’t wait to share with the world – and get paid for!

    Anne has a true gift; she asks questions that get to the heart of your WHY, and then helps you shape that Why into a message that is unforgettable for your audience.

    I wouldn’t be the speaker I am without Anne.

    ~ Annette Lavoie

    President, The Coachability Co.

    “Inspired,  light, and amazed…”

    “I was so surprised. I knew Anne was about joy, but I’m not a joyful person and didn’t really resonate with those words.

    The processes she shared with me were really fun and tapped into a part of me I didn’t even know was there.

    I learned so much about how much I was creating my identity from my expertise and being “smart” at the expense of my artistic spirit.

    I ended up feeling so inspired and light, I’m amazed.”

    ~Tera S


    Anne Rose Hart, M.A., is known as the Genius Whisperer , creator of QUANTUM PLAY(TM), and Founder of the UNSTOPPABLE transformational party — where revolutionary leaders and leading edge creators embody their next level success with radical joy and sustainable flow.

    With her unique and playful modality, QUANTUM PLAY(TM), a somatic and holistic practice for unleashing power and potential by creating flow states, Anne brings together leading edge research from neurophysiology, developmental psychology, quantum physics, energy medicine, integral theory, and spirituality to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create joygasmic lives of freedom, wealth, and impact.  

    With clients & students in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a biplane wing-walker, skydiving instructor, triathlete, jazz pianist, scuba diver, barrel racer, historian, web developer, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, Certified Integral Facilitator, and human potential junkie to inspire leaders to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above “ordinary” to co-create a more compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable world.

    Brilliant, life-altering and light!

    “Have you introduced me to magic?  This work is AMAZING, BRILLIANT, INSIGHTFUL, LIFE ALTERING, and LIGHT!  I am blown away by the power of this work.  I encourage anyone to spend time laughing and coaching with Anne and expect a sea of wonderful changes to follow.”

    ~Laurel Pumphrey, Founder, The Pumphrey Method(R) of Music Therapy and Amusia Training