The water ran deep and fast, and there’s no bridge. “Early season crossings may be hazardous,” the trail guide warns.

Only 2.5 miles into the hike, I wasn’t about to get soaked, only to be wet for the next 10 miles. So I peeled off my clothes, strapped my shoes to my backpack, and stepped in. The water was rushing so strongly that I had to get on all fours or it would’ve pulled me in.

Barefoot on the rocks, buck naked in icy snowmelt water, I crossed the rushing stream, one crawling step at a time. On the other side, I found a somewhat dry spot to lie in the sun, let the shivering subside, and allow the warm sunshine to evaporate the water from my skin. Dry clothes welcomed me and I continued up the mountain, glowing from the polar bear plunge.

The best things in life require getting naked — not necessarily clothing-related, but vulnerable and real and wide open hearted — as you take a stand for what’s really important to you and where you really want to go. No matter how frigid or turbulent the stream crossing, the experiences you really desire are worth it.

Most people, of course, will wait for someone else to build a bridge so they can drive across their in their air conditioned car and never get their shoes dirty, let alone get wet.

But if you are here to claim your destiny and follow the calling in your soul, you’ll have to cross whatever raging streams show up. You can’t not. And you’re the leader that blazes the trail, not the follower who waits for the bridge.

You didn’t come here to hide in the illusion of what’s comfortable. You came here to feel fully alive.

And whatever you’re facing right now, it’s going to require some level of getting naked and sharing more of who you really are, what you desire, and what’s important to you. The water is only icy for a couple of minutes. Go for it. 💖