I made my first solo flight this weekend.

Years ago, right after my divorce in the raw stage of feeling like I’d just lost everything and was starting over from scratch with a one-year old-son, a ridiculously lean bank account, and a huge vision, all my skydiving gear was stolen, too.

At the time, I knew I was experiencing a spiritual initiation and that life was asking me to get my “wings” back, another way — living from my soul, not just relying on a nylon canopy and parachute harness for flight.

A few years later, I got the intuitive download that I would get my pilot’s license and write a book called “Cloud Dancer” that brings together universal life wisdom with lessons learned from my years as a skydiver, then wingwalker, and then pilot — an idea that lit me on fire but I couldn’t quite pull it off at the time.

Now fast forward to the magic of 2020 and 2021 in which we are all being fast tracked into our true destiny — should we choose to align our thinking and actions with this perspective — and *bam* everything has been lining up, day after day, month after month, bringing me to this moment in which I’m well on my way to my pilot’s license…

… and at last, I’ve got my wings back.

And I’m writing. 🙂

And the pure joy of being in the air, where I feel most at home, and creating flow states on a consistent and regular basis, has got me realizing even more deeply how critical it is for each of us blessed with awakened awareness and the comforts of western society to “follow our bliss” more than ever before and dare to do the things that light our souls on fire.

For it is only in this depth of alignment that we have any hope of transcending, transforming, and evolving our chaotic world into a place that we are thrilled for our children to inherit.

“Do what makes you come alive” is even more relevant during this time of massive evolutionary reorganization, more than ever before.

This is our collective spiritual awakening, and either we will choose to expand into a way of being that allows more life force to flow through us, or we will contract in judgment and polarization to the point that our species goes extinct.

So while this might not be the magnitude of “one small flight for woman, one big step for womankind” (all of us), it’s possible that each of us together taking one step, daring to do the next bold thing that scares you, and choosing to live your joy above all else, might just be the thing that elevates us in ways that will blow our minds when we look back on this time in history.

Do the thing that lights your soul on fire, my friends.

The world needs you in your joy, more than ever.