Well, shit.

The toilet in the guest bathroom got clogged the other day, prompting me to contemplate the fundamentals of clogs as I plunged:

Either the shit’s too big, or the pipe’s too small.

Which made me laugh, as the great cosmic joke flew into my awareness.

Yes. This is what we are experiencing right now as a species in the throes of evolution, oblivious to the fact that we are the “pipelines” that are toooooo constricted for the massive shit – and the massive potential goodness – that is trying to flow through.

And, between viruses and heightened awareness of systemic racism and all the other cosmic plungers that are trying to get us unclogged, we are… well, we’re in the shittiest stage of it.

Here’s the clogging mechanism: when we experience any kind of emotional threat – fear of any kind, anxiety, frustration, anger, or heaven forbid, grief, we contract.

“Make it go away,” we plea to the powers that be. “I don’t want to feel this.”

Or, for those mixing in pseudospiritual principles, “this is fucking up my vibe, it’s not spiritual to be this angry,” or “I am supposed to be choosing elevated emotions, and instead I’m feeling shitty. I must be doing this wrong.”

In any case, we have normalized the rejection of our emotional body — as if it is an evolutionary mistake to have emotions — and bought into a delusional fantasy that if only we could use our willpower to feel positive emotions all the time, THEN it might be okay to be in this human experience, THEN things would turn out okay, THEN we can trust that all is well and the world is not going to spin off its axis.


Now, here’s the micro-moment where it goes wrong:

When the limbic system (emotion) gets activated, it pulls our awareness inside of our personality skinsuit and out of our capacity to WITNESS the workings of the personality skinsuit with wonder, curiosity, and awe.

When you’re in the story that “THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!” — in full blown projection of what is WRONG – there’s a binary switch that flips, and you’ve flipped out of expanded awareness (the big “I” identity of Witness) and into drama (the little “i” identity of self).

My hypothesis is that we’re all running this neurological patterning as normal in this stage of evolving our species, having inherited the evolutionary baggage from the past without receiving an owner’s manual for optimal performance.

I also believe that we have the opportunity to uplevel our own neurological wiring and therefore the morphogenetic fields that influence future generations (if you believe in morphogenetic fields … I find it a compelling enough theory that I’m going with it until something else becomes even more compelling … but as always, I say choose your own adventure here…)

But we also have the opportunity to ignore this possibility and devolve ourselves in a regressive way, which doesn’t bode well for any of us.

So what happens when we reject uncomfortable emotions as “wrong” or judge them as unwanted? We reject an entire aspect of our beingness, which diminishes our creative capacity, our power, and our potential. We slam on the brakes and slow down everything we say we want and think we are trying to create.

But welcoming emotions is SO astonishingly impossible for 99.9 percent of the population, that it can be very difficult to find a community of peers, colleagues, friends, and social support that can hold you when you show up in genuine equanimity or enthusiasm for the shitshow of emotions that’s alive for you in any given moment. (This is one reason I became a circling facilitator this past year, which I’ll say more about another time….)

Emotions are loaded with profound intelligence, always related to the unlocking of your creative genius and full potential.

This is why I get genuinely excited when my clients show up with “well, shit. This is what’s happening right now,” because I can *see* the crack opening up the doorway to an aspect of themselves that holds the key to everything they’ve been saying they desire, everything that’s not working, everything that is so close but not quite manifested yet, everything that’s still feeling more like challenge than flow…. It’s all bound up right here in this moment of “well, shit.”

Either the shit’s too big, or the pipe’s too small.

Right. And when the shit seems to be impossibly big, it’s because the cosmic plumbing system is upgrading and requesting your participation, to expand your own capacity to hold more life force with equanimity, grace, and awareness.

We can’t expand into the higher octaves of goodness, beauty, and flow unless we also include the lower octaves of all that we’ve been resisting, rejecting, and denying.

And so, when you set a bold intention to uplevel to whatever that next version of your flow, joy, impact, abundance, freedom, creativity, or aliveness is, life provides the perfect opportunity to do the roto-rooting of whatever unconscious “shit” has been clogging your pipeline, so that the flow can flow!

But we’ve been conditioned to reject THAT, too, so the pipeline narrows instead of expanding, and we make it so, so, so much harder for ourselves.

In the last week alone, I’ve had clients unlock profound genius that was locked up inside their emotional responses to financial stress, betrayal of trust, family of origin discord, receiving an unexpected email with false accusations, and more. Life stuff.

But what emerged in every case was a reclamation of their true power, that made everything all make sense, that restored a deep sense of trust in the perfection of life itself, that allowed a sense of peace and confidence that not only all is well but unfolding even more miraculously than imagined, and provided a pathway forward that hadn’t existed before.

Your triggers hold your treasures.

And if you’re reading this, you likely already get this, know this, and live this in so many ways. (And will probably send the link to Rumi’s poem, The Guest House, after reading this…)

But life is inviting us into the next level of mastery, as we all evolve the organism of humanity together.

I’d love to hear from you, as we reflect upon the last year in our society, with all the ways in which we’ve gotten to see the magnitude of our shit that is “too big” and the ways in which we, as pipelines, are too small, what, in your opinion, is being unlocked by all of the triggers collectively, or for you personally?

What is being catalyzed, unlocked, and illuminated, from your perspective, and how are you, and we, being invited to grow right now?

I’ll be opening up a larger conversation for us all on this, this month, and would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, a power process you can do anytime unpreferred emotions arise, is simply this: “hello, messenger of intelligence that’s using this shitty feeling to get my attention, you’ve got my attention now. The shitty feeling is showing me where I’ve been hiding my own power, genius, or truth. What is the deeper intelligence that can be unlocked here? What is actually wanting to emerge from beneath the feeling?”

And then place your hand on your body, wherever your body is holding the discordant tension, and simply bring soothing touch and appreciation as you say “thank you,” thanking it in advance for yielding the treasures you’re about to discover.

Holding the density in a larger and lighter space of curiosity, gratitude, awe, openness, and wonder, creates space for it to uncoil and reveal its secrets, but it takes conscious effort and determination to DECIDE to relate to the shit differently, while allowing it to be there instead of rejecting it.

Can’t wait to hear what’s come unlocked for you this last year, and what the cosmic plunge has catalyzed in your world! Click “reply”, I’d love to hear.

May we all expand our capacity as pipelines, in whatever way life is inviting us to grow.

Here’s to decoding the cosmic clogs in your world with intelligence, grace, and flow.