The Divine “F*ck It” — the ultimate acceptance of What Is, surrender to the totality of the moment, and how it propels business success when one reaches this developmental stage transition. In our inaugural episode of the Joyful Genius Sessions, Anne riffs with Jenn Chin, founder of the global leadership consultancy Uncommon Kind, on navigating 243 days of Australian lockdown, her radical Retox/Detox experiment, and what it means to live from one’s Joyful Genius when everything is effed up and a daily gratitude practice seems outrageously incongruent with the sh*tstorm of actual reality.

Highlights from Episode 1:

00:00 – 6:00 The Divine F*ck It, surrender, dance parties, and trusting yourself. Is getting f’ked up incongruent with caring about humanity?

6:00 – 11:00 Organizing the fridge vs. “being productive” and the ego’s attempt to overly control productivity, oblivious to the natural cycles of creation.

11:00 – 15:00 Procrastination, higher intelligence vs. being “lazy,” and overriding the “9 to 5” mentality to trust your creative energy

15:00 – 19:00 Worthiness based upon industriousness? Or “success” = having a great time with amazing people.

19:00 – 24:00 Marketing as “systematized noise-making” versus the felt sense of what’s right for you, when the need for “sales pitches” or proposal decks vanishes and you enroll clients via energy transmission instead of dancing like a stripper trying to convince them.

24:00 – 30:00 The secret intelligence behind the “f*ck it” and calling in the people that are meant for you instead of trying to control the outcome. Trusting nature’s intelligence instead of producing factory workers.

30:00 – 39:00 A culture of conditioned silence and accepting unethical or immoral behaviors as “normal” and the need to speak up, creating visibility without being “loud”, and saying what needs to be said.

39:00 – 42:00 The prison of professionalism and the stoic sagelike presence of infallibility that “corporate” requires, versus embracing ALL of you.

42:00 – 44:00 Creating what we thought was important vs. what’s actually in our hearts, as a society

44:00 – 55:00 How to ride out the “dark night of the soul” periods to get back into the flow of play? and my sewing machine metaphor.

55:00 – end When you say “f*ck it* you just know what to do. The solar system of your own unique orbit requires joy, for you to be who you are here to be.

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