From the cosmic perspective, evolution is always evolving, and shakes up what needs to be shaken up to allow more flow.  From a systems change perspective, a system moves from a phase of growth and expansion, into a phase of reorganization.   This reorganization phase is essential because energy has become bound up in old patterns or networks that have been outgrown.  As a result, the tension builds, latent energy is bound up in the old patterns, and the breakup may seem to feel catastrophic as the energy is released so that it can be harnessed in more elegant and efficient ways.  Once the system breaks apart and reorganizes, emergent pathways appear that allow the system to stabilize over time.  Once stabilized, the next growth and expansion phase occurs.

So here we are, having embodied very specific ways of being for a couple of years, codifying these norms into increasingly rigid patterns that we’ve now outgrown, as a species.  Specifically, the way of being that has shoved the sacred off to the sidelines, that has suppressed and oppressed the intuitive, and that has devalued creativity in the name of profitability, logic, and so-called efficiency.   Mother Nature is now laughing.  “you thought you knew what “efficient” is?”   Um…. Hellooooo?  How’s that working for you?   

Meanwhile our education systems churn out students exceptionally skilled at rote memorization and following rules, with zero capacity to tune into the vast creative intelligence from which all elegant solutions arise.  Our medical systems continue to train people to mistrust their own bodies, and place all their trust in the pharmaceutical industries and others who profit immensely from body unwellness.   Religions have for centuries trained people to look to “authorities” for truth from God, mistrusting themselves and their own divinity.  Our economy has ensured that the role of women has no economic value in the financial system – caregiving, nurturing, mothering has no dollar value assigned to it, so those who participate in those activities must become dependent on others (the efficiency machines) for security and support in the world.

This is efficient?    Hardly. 

Mother Nature is rocking the boat to wake us the fuck up.  THERE IS ANOTHER WAY, PEOPLE!

And where is the energy most bound up in systems and patterns that no longer serve?   

In the bodymind vessels of WOMEN.

The cosmic shake-up is attempting to jolt women out of their suppressed and devalued roles, out of their over-masculinated habits, and back into their embodied wisdom, their intuitive knowing, their felt-sense of what’s right for us all, and the spontaneity, creativity, and joy from which infinite intelligence most readily flows.

The previous way of being has become, in the language of systems change, irresilient.  And therefore, it must crack, crumble, and fall, in order for energy to flow in the way that evolution wants to evolve.  Oh, it has no guarantee for a happy ending.  Evolution doesn’t have an agenda one way or another.  When the dinosaurs appeared to be an evolutionary dead-end, nature took care of that and polished them off.  We are certainly on that trajectory and well deserve to be, given our addiction to ignorance.

But while we ARE still alive and not yet an extinct species, we can choose to participate in liberating the bound-up energy from our own systems and discover what happens when we add to the creative flow of evolution.  This means embodying our own joy. This means liberating our creative gifts.  This means reclaiming our value.  And this means standing up and declaring that we have a better way of doing things, of relating, of creating, of considering options, that is far superior to the limited plane of reason from which we’ve all been brought up.   Superior in the sense that it includes vastly more intelligence and information than we can ever know with our limited minds, and therefore can create more elegant solutions that include more goodness and wellbeing for all.  

 The great liberation is underway, should we choose to perceive it that way and participate fully in the evolution of the organism.

Can we alter the trajectory of evolution?  And how would we even know?  We won’t know, perhaps for generations, how this all turns out.  But what we can do right now is become stewards of our own systems, to unlock the bound-up energy within ourselves, and become sovereign, liberated, joyful, and free creators.  

It’s time.