It just seems absurd to think we can move through this pandemic chapter of history without coming to understand how the cosmos works.   We have this collective head-in-the-sand mindset that seems to actually believe that we are separate from the laws of nature.   Why? Because it’s too horrific to consider that perhaps nature doesn’t actually care about our survival – perhaps we are interesting experiments in consciousness, just as the fossilized paleozoic creatures once were.   They didn’t make it.  Now it’s our turn to see what happens to our species – a species gifted with reflexive awareness (homo sapien sapien = the one that knows that it knows) yet trained to reflect on threats and safety and fear more than creativity, possibility, and visions.  

I guess history will prove the proper orientation in hindsight. 

In the meantime, what can we learn from species that have managed to survive through time?  THEY EVOLVED.   And we’re evolving, alright.  I saw a meme that showed cartoon faces of humans through history:  neanderthals, homo sapiens, and humans after 2020, with large ears that adapted to better hold masks on.

There are so many ways we could possibly evolve.  The giant laboratory that is the current vaccine and booster petri dish is a real-live experiment in how our species will evolve with this “modern technology” being injected into the bodies of many.   The social laboratory that is “social distancing” with masks and quarantines is an experiment in how our species will evolve with this explosion of anthropophobia (training our children to fear people.  Just … all of them.  Humans are scary. WHO MIGHT BE CARRYING A VIRUS!!?!?!  AIEEEEEEEE? HIDE, LITTLE ONES!  STAY HOME AND STARE AT A SCREEN INSTEAD!  And definitely no hugs).    The laboratory that is the current battle between external authority and individual sovereignty is an experiment to see how our species will evolve when the majority conform to standards and mandates imposed from others, and a minority stands firm in their knowing of individual choice and sovereignty.   

I suppose it must seem easier, in our collective psychology, to try to control a perceived threat than it is to face the absurdly overwhelming reality that we have created an entire infrastructure that is not sustainable. 

We can’t talk about public health without looking at the root of what creates healthy immune systems. 

We can’t talk about immunity without looking at our food and nutrition habits.  

We can’t talk about food and nutrition without illuminating the socioeconomic foundations of cheap food and the way we feed the masses.  

We can’t talk about public food supply without looking at our culturally racist and biased institutional norms.  

We can’t talk about our collective racism and institutionalized economic advantages without looking at our unconscious biases and habit of perceiving self as superior or inferior to others.  

We can’t talk about unconscious bias without acknowledging the power of the mind and the influence of inherited beliefs and social norms.   

We can’t talk about beliefs and norms without talking about the spiritual nature of one’s true essence and the role of the mind in creating egoic personality structures.   

We can’t talk about spirituality without bringing up religion.  

We can’t talk about religion without activating the superior/inferior loop again. 

And around and around we go.  

The whole thing is too much for most humans to take in, let alone take ownership of and choose to contribute to a conscious creative partnership with the whole, that catapults us into a new way of being.

And yet, Albert Einstein said it best when he said that a problem can’t be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. 

And while evolving consciousness has infinite pathways, the point today is that expanding one’s sense of identity from an egocentric lens into a cosmos-centric view is one foundational shift that changes everything.   This means understanding the workings of the universe enough to get how one’s own personal experience is the application of universal law in action, just as our collective experience is.

As humans, however, we are blessed and cursed with the gift of emotion and the capacity to make potential personal.   And perhaps it’s just too much to ask, for our species to develop the non-attachment to existence that is required to liberate our creative genius and gifts and life force.   We are really damn attached to existing.   We do not want to consider NOT existing.  

And rightly so – this beautiful planet is exquisitely gorgeous, likely one-of-a-kind in the multiverse, and the experience of being human is precious beyond words.  Of course we want to survive.  Exist.  Linger as long as possible.  

The possibility that our species might be in the throes of extinction might be too much to bear.  We don’t want to die.  We don’t want to suffer.  We don’t want to lose all that we have the illusion of having.  And so, we hover in a level of consciousness just below what’s needed, to avoid the emotional pain of confronting our inevitable demise.

But to consider that the laws of nature are just playing out as they would with any ecosystem that has become irresilient, and that the very threat to our survival isn’t personal at all, it just is, liberates a tremendous magnitude of creative energy that has the potential to surge us forward into a level of consciousness in which the solutions to all of these wicked problems can be accessed and implemented.  

Our collective creativity is needed more than ever.   And this includes young people and their knowingness too – they came with gifts and perspectives that are uniquely suited for this time in history.  We must liberate them to speak freely and we must listen.   

We are part of an evolving organism in an evolving cosmos, and if we place ourselves within an evolutionary context within which 14 billion years of evolution has revealed a long arc moving in the direction of greater complexity and coordination, we can begin working with the principles that seem to determine the operation of the cosmos.  Given that, for the most part, our planets seem to stay spinning on their axes and hurtling through space without colliding with each other, I’m inclined to believe that there’s an elegant intelligence at work that just may be trustable.  

I also trust the appearance of the virus, and its role in our evolution.   The cosmic reorganization is underway, and we’re all participating, consciously or unconsciously.

That shift in perspective changes everything.  There is no longer anything wrong, ever.  There is only the question, “Well, shit.  Given all of this, then, what do I really desire to create?”  And developing the skill of listening from the cosmos-centric self, through the static generously provided by the ego self.   

This is where frequency training comes in – the point of Quantum Play.   We’ve all got our radios tuned just a teeny bit off, like driving out of range of your favorite FM station and the signal comes in and out as you round the curves and drop into the valleys, miles away from the radio tower.   Frequency training is learning how to install and activate another radio tower on your vehicle itself, so you can drive anywhere and not lose the signal with your cosmic self. 

The technology of our modern world is evolving exponentially.  It’s time to evolve our internal technology of how we operate our bodyminds, so that we have the possibility to see just what might be possible when we use our creativity and our technology to solve the enormous wicked problems that make us squirm.

And, while we have a shit-ton of work to do to uplevel the entire infrastructure of our existence (healthcare, economy, religion, sustainability, cultural values, education, relational norms, all of it), it turns out that cosmic intelligence has already provided a tool that lubricates the process for us all – the way we can upgrade the operating system of our own radio towers – by going back to what we did when we were young children:  play together.