I can’t help but wonder if we are living in a time in which history will reveal that we did it.  We woke up.  We altered the trajectory of evolution in the way that allowed future generations to continue to enjoy this incredible blue-green marble and the paradisical playground that it is.   

We’ve been in this increased knowing for decades that the way we live is killing our planet.  We extract fossil fuels, we burn them and add to the conditions that are contributing to global warming, we don’t know how to deal with unresolved emotions so we bloat our dysfunctional relationship with food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and a plethora of numbing behaviors – all of which have us on a trajectory that I can only hope leads to our extinction.   If this is what we did with the gift of human existence, then, I say, let mother nature wipe us out.  Seriously.  We can do better than this.

And it occurs to me that what is needed for us and our planet to coexist in a way that is sustainable, is a fundamental shift in HOW we use our human capabilities.   Right now we’re barely one step up from Neanderthals, and should the human line of development continue, anthropologists in the future will look back at homo sapien sapiens and shake their heads at the vast ignorance and limitation that we lived from, all the while thinking we were living the good life.

I suspect that the Greater Intelligence that is Life Itself is creating exactly the precise series of events that will… well, it’ll do something.   But my HOPE is that what we’re experiencing with not only the virus (the physical catalyst) but also with the psychological and emotional torment of the times, is the evolutionary friction that is accelerating and amplifying the Awakening of the species from our slumber of ignorance.

It seems to me impossible to create a sustainable relationship between our species and our planetary home, if we do not evolve into a direct knowing of our oneness.  This is not the same as putting a bumper sticker on your car that says “coexist” or singing Bob Marley “One Love” while stoned.   It means knowing with every fiber of your being that what you do to yourself, you do to the whole, and vice versa—that there cannot be an action, thought, or behavior that any of us have, that does NOT impact the rest of us.   

From the illusion of separation, we continue to perpetuate methods of education and ways of relating with one another that let the lie live on – the lie that the body has no place in education, in intelligence, in developing technologies that shape our future, in understanding our place in the cosmos.   Jean Houston calls this the “bodymind holocaust,” and indeed it has been – the severing of the felt-sense from our value systems.

And it is this dissociated way of functioning that allows us to make the choices we have made, that are clogging our oceans with plastic, swamping our mental health clinics with waiting lists months long, killing off species by the day, skyrocketing suicide rates, and creating an exponential rise in obesity and depression and the fracturing of families and relationships.

We have been taught to override the intelligence of our bodies – and certainly to privilege intellect over feeling – to the point of cruelty.

It kind of makes sense, then, for that collective imbalance to be illuminated by the appearance of a virus that pierces our collective consciousness with the sharp pain of bodily suffering, the diminished respiratory capacities, the mandated masks – all reflections of our suppression of body intelligence.   We’re literally killing ourselves, and the virus shows up as the antagonist carrying the mirror.

For decades, we’ve increasingly been curious about and calling for new ways of being – to be “green,” to end global warming, to find renewable energy sources, to preserve our planet and avoid a horrific demise catalyzed by our own consumerist greed and unconscious behaviors.   It’s as if Mother Nature has been patiently watching us in our futile attempts to “fix” the global problems from an entirely inadequate level of consciousness, and finally sighed, “they’re not getting it.  Here.  Let’s shake things up a bit.”  

As with any evolutionary transformation, things seem to get worse before they get better.   The problem MUST be illuminated and seen clearly, before it can be transcended.  And so, we watch the mandates.  The fragmentation and polarization of society over vaccines and public health and body sovereignty and individual rights and the politics of public health.  The divisiveness within families.  The isolation, fear, and mounting anxiety.    Rules, mandates, and control – all stemming from short-sighted ways of thinking that fail to understand the true issue at hand:  the fundamental way we think about what it is to be human, is far, far short of what is actually true and possible for us all.

To impose more rules and mandates is to miss the point entirely.   Bandaid fixes are just that – stopgaps that attempt to alleviate pain, while perpetuating longterm suffering at scale.   

We are being invited by life, should we choose to accept the invitation, to consider “what fundamental relationship with life, could support us to navigate this chapter of disruption successfully?”  It seems that many are putting their faith in technology – to include pharmaceuticals – as the solution.  

And yet, what lies dormant within us all, is the vast wellspring of creative potential – the artistry that must accompany and lead the technology, if we are to not only survive this chapter but also thrive.

Rather than becoming cattle who line up to receive shots as part of a larger herd — the body dominated by technology, and the technology created by those who claim to “know best” what bodies need in order to thrive — we have an invitation to tune in to our bodies’ intelligence, to feel the music of our souls, to create the artistry that lies hidden within the hearts of every one of us, and discover that we can make a quantum leap in what being human ACTUALLY is.   We can move with the dance of disruption, finding alignment with the greater intelligence rather than clinging to our futile attempt to be superior to nature’s initiatives.  We can discover how to bring back the integration of mind and body, and in so doing, heal the rupture between science and spirituality and between humans and our earthly ecosystem.  

Mother Nature is urging us to remember what it FEELS like to be one with the whole.   Suffering together through pandemic conditions is one end of the spectrum.  (“NOW do you get it?  That you’re all one?”)   The other end of the spectrum is to feel the oneness with the whole through higher vibrational frequencies – those that are generated during moments of spontaneous full expression, ecstatic bliss, brought-to-your-knees gratitude, and spine-tingling awe.

It’s only in using our bodies to FEEL our oneness, that we have a prayer of becoming a species that can function on earth in a way that doesn’t kill the planet and ourselves.

May we have the courage to remember how to feel – deeply – and reconnect with the music in our souls, to operate our technologies as tools for our artistry, and restore the full spectrum of intelligence available to us all – the intelligence that lives within us already, in the miraculous treasure trove that is the human body.