We are going through the evolutionary wringer.  Or rock-polisher, if you prefer.   While it seems outrageous to consider the possibility that it could possibly be generative, to witness the conditions that are playing out in today’s landscape (the police state conditions in Australia right now are especially shocking in their rigidity and ignorance), if we can look at the energetic contraction that is the current stuffing of humanity into a box of mandatory conformity and compliance, and look at the evolutionary function of contraction, we can see that it is entirely possible that this is the evolutionary FRICTION that is necessary for expansion.  

In the simplest of terms, “things often get worse before they get better.”

And so, we must feel the accordion-squish of our unconscious habits and patterns getting exaggerated, to catalyze the creative power and momentum of our latent potential, coming unleashed. 

How many people would continue to wander through life in a daze of meaning-making that has the sole purpose of adulthood as getting a good job with benefits or making a lot of money on the internet, if not faced with confronting mortality, control and compliance run amok, and radical uncertainty – all at once?

What has been missing is a cosmology that provides adequate meaning for our existence, and therefore our lack of meaningful context is now being illuminated, exaggerated, and blown up in our faces so we can see the disconnected, fragmented, unconscious, and unsustainable ways that we’ve been living our lives.

The gift in the “WTF” nature of our times, is the question itself:  “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?!?”

The question is loaded with power.   Exactly, what IS going on?   How DO we explain current events in a way that does not induce despair, hopelessness, apathy, and nihilism?  Or are we okay with letting those perspectives be the purpose of human existence?


What is being cleaved away, from an evolutionary intelligence standpoint, is the way of being that has believed that control is the appropriate response to navigate change.  What is being cleaved away, is the illusion that we know better than nature because we are separate from it.  What is being cleaved away, is the anthropocentric superiority that has trashed our planet and reduced western society to a primitive organism addicted to screens and high fructose corn syrup.

How can it be being cleaved away, when it looks like it is actually intensifying?

Evolutionary friction.  Think coal into diamonds.   P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E.   The pressure itself isn’t the magic.  The pressure is the catalyst.  It’s the coal’s willingness to reorganize itself into a different molecular structure, that allows the gem to emerge.   

So, each of us must be willing to be sculpted by life into less of our “coal” selves and more of our “diamond” selves.  Which means… cleaving away that which is not our own intrinsic essence, desire, and joy, so that the shimmering preciousness of our diamond nature can be revealed.

This is the falsehood of our egoic consciousness – the belief that we are it, that we know best, that we have it figured out.   That works great if you’re coal, aspiring to be coal.   Coal has value, no doubt.  But the difference between the value of coal and the value of diamond is immense.   And to be diamond, is to allow yourself to be sculpted, reorganized, restructured – to have more potency so that you can become the diamond-edged blade that can cut through anything.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Yes.   And as each one of us allows the humility of being resculpted, to reorganize us into the diamond expression of our unique genius and true essence, and then show up as diamond blades that can cut through the fog of ignorance, we are the ones that are the mysterious force that can create a new way of being, on the other side of the chaos.   We are the ones that must lay down the grooves in consciousness, the rituals, the ways of relating, the fierce protection of that which we hold sacred, the honoring of our sovereignty and creative potential, so that future generations inherit a world that operates according to systemized norms that elevate us all.