Pain.  Pain points at an area that has energy bound up in ways that are ready to be released.   The ecosystem has reached a point of transition, in which the old can no longer be sustained without causing more harm to the system.   Pain arises as an indicator, saying “hellooooooooo!” as a signalling flag to get the attention of Consciousness.   

Once notified, Consciousness may direct its attention into the area of bound up energy, if we, as directors of Consciousness, choose to focus our attention upon the pain.  But the booby trap we get caught in, is assigning meaning and judgment to the pain.

“There’s something wrong.”  “This should not be happening.”   “This must stop.”   “I don’t like this.”  “I don’t want this.”

Whoops.  That’s the place that we humans make things more difficult for ourselves.  We add emotion, intensity, and feeling to the “wrongness” of the thing.  And in so doing, we amplify the pain in the field of consciousness, so it gets bigger.

We are, after all, merely focusing mechanisms for Consciousness.

But if we can see that something has been damaged, diseased, or fragmented enough that it is seeking to reorganize itself into a form through which energy can flow again, and that pain is simply the signalling mechanism to let us know “REORGANIZATION WANTS TO HAPPEN HERE!” then we can direct our focusing capacities into the darkness with wonder and curiosity, allowing possibilities to emerge and reorganizational energies to come forth.

This happens in the physical body, as well as in our families, our communities, and our society.  Where is there pain?  Where are people hurting?  Where does suffering exist?   Something is out of whack and wanting to be attended to, lovingly.  That is all.  There’s nothing “wrong.”  It’s simply that the system has reached a point in which the current organization of its elements has become too rigid, and the organism has outgrown the current arrangement.

In this moment, the nudge that prompted this stream of words was the pain I’m feeling in my right hip right now.  There’s no physical reason for my hip to feel pain; I didn’t fall or overexert myself or bump into anything.  However, the energy shifts I’ve been working through in all areas of my being, have corresponding points in the body, and the stagnant energy has been held in the hip joints and pelvis.  So… it’s now trying to uncoil itself, allowing the optimal flow of energy to be restored into my system.   And as old stagnant forms of organization are being released, the stiffness and rigidity is getting my attention by creating the signal called “pain.”  

I know what is happening — well, I suppose not really, but I know enough to know there is nothing wrong and nothing to worry about.  My body is an archive of patterns both inherited and accumulated, as all of our bodies are.   We lug around the junk of discord in our joints, our adipose tissue, our bones, our teeth, our fascia… All of it tells the story of us.   The ways we get injured, the ways we ache, all of it reveals patterns of the human story, carried around unwittingly by us all.  And then we think that taking pills or having surgery will fix things.  

Whoops.  Wrong paradigm.   

Curiosity.   Wonder.  Exploration.  Inquiry.    These are the “scalpels” of Consciousness that can unlock the secrets held in the cells and in the living matrix that is our body.

The same goes for pain at a societal level.   The stored pain of racism in our country, as an example, has been toted around for too long, creating fracture points that erupt in the form of riots and confronting conversations that force us all to be with the pain that we’ve managed to avoid looking at for most of our lives.   The focus and attention, with neutral presence, is what allows the patterns to uncoil and reorganize themselves into energies that manifest as behaviors we would label as more just, more compassionate, more inclusive – not only inclusive of more diversity, but also including more of the pain of the human experience and understanding how we hurt each other, without meaning to, and how we are all complicit in perpetuating pain, simply by participating in society and the unspoken assumptions that guide the systems and structures we have accepted as normal.

The pain doesn’t need “fixing,” although we are quick to believe that we must jump in and DO something to remedy things.   Heroic measures and rescue attempts are also part of the human experience, and are appropriate and timely in instances of acute injury or hostility. 

Not complaining, whining, or feeling sorry for ourselves.  Not taking pain-killers or doing shots of tequila or slowly numbing ourselves with a bottle of wine and a binge of Netflix.

Just being with the pain that we hold in our own hearts, in our bodies, in our tender souls, and allowing the pain to be held with presence.   No agenda, no fixing, no assigning blame for the wrongdoing.  Simply inviting it to be here, in us, with us, as us, and letting that be okay.

Of course it’s hard.  Of course it hurts.   Of course it feels more intense than we are accustomed to allowing ourselves to feel.

But to hurt is to be alive.   And to feel pain is to be aware of the system’s rigidity that we’ve outgrown.   And to be aware that REORGANIZATION WANTS TO HAPPEN HERE is the gift that allows us to turn, slowly, in the direction of that which we’d rather not be with, and allow the perfectly potent power of Consciousness to direct itself through us into the discord and fragmentation and to find exactly the way that things want to restructure in harmonious ways.  

Our limited minds usually don’t or can’t see the elegant solution, which is why trying to jump in and fix things is usually heroism misguided.   There’s an intelligence that knows  — the same intelligence that causes a paper cut on your finger to heal by itself without you jumping in and getting stitches or providing a powerpoint strategy to the surrounding tissues instructing them on how to work together to solve this thing.

Papercuts heal.  Broken bones heal.  Hearts heal.  Society can heal.  

But what’s needed isn’t our heroic rescuing or a giant pity party, lamenting all that’s wrong.

All that is called for is the one thing that we are least likely to consider:  sitting still, quietly, being the space in which pain arises and the system can reorganize itself.

We have completely forgotten that we are miracles in action, all the time.  And in forgetting the miraculous nature of our actual beingness, we have pinched ourselves off from the flow of miracles that is the natural way of existence.

What if we simply knew that pain was an indicator that a miracle is wanting to happen?  Rather than fixing or judging, we could bring in advance the energy of awe and wonder, creating the conditions from which miracles then are the norm?

In the great cosmic scheme of things, it’s really quite a brilliant set up.   How else to get Consciousness to pay attention to where in the evolutionary flow, evolution is ready to make a quantum leap?     Pain, suffering, discord, catastrophe, “oh shit” moments.  All attention-getters that are the opening act for The Miraculous – now playing in The Theater of You.