Imagine that you sit down to a beautifully adorned table, covered with gourmet dishes of the most delectable foods.   A filet of wild-caught salmon, drizzled with a pinot noir reduction and toasted juniper berries.  A bowl of steaming risotto with garden fresh herbs.  Roasted vegetables with just the right hint of seasoning and truffle infused olive oil.   And a bright green arugula salad, sparkling with bright pomegranate seeds, toasted sunflower seeds, and tiny bits of tart green apple, tossed with a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette.   You’re just settling in and preparing to clink your wine glasses as a toast, embarking on a deliciously satisfying couple of hours with dear friends and luscious flavors.

And then… swoop!  The entire spread vanishes, whisked away by a well-meaning efficiency expert who returns moments later with a giant blender and cups for everyone.   “Here you go!  I’ve pureed the whole thing and made it faster and easier for you to get this meal into your system.  Two cups for everyone.  Bon appetit!”   Or worse – “I’ve run the meal through a centrifugal spinner and extracted the nutrients and placed them into these capsules – three pills for each should do it!   Nutrition made easy.  Cheers!”

“But… but…” you protest, “I LIKE meals!  I enjoy the ritual of dining together, I appreciate the subtle complexity of flavors, I love the sensuality of the experience… I don’t want a pill, I want to enjoy the experience!”

“Ahhh, we don’t do that here,” the efficiency-certified maitre’d replies.   “We are all about GETTING THINGS DONE.  None of this faffing around – productivity’s the word!    Do you think your to-do list can really afford the luxury of you just sitting around, laboriously lifting forkful after forkful to your mouth?  No sirree, we can do better.   Five-course meals in less time than it takes you to say “dinner!”  We are redefining “gold star” here.  Nobody can compete with our level of efficiency – we dare you to find a competitor who can beat the quantity of nutrients we provide in a single capsule!   Come on, then – out you go – you’ve got things to do and deadlines to meet!   Next time, use our mail-order service to deliver the capsules directly to your door, so you don’t even have to leave your house – freeing up precious time to achieve even more of your goals!   Caloric consumption has never been so streamlined.  Tah tah!”

*blink* *blink*

When it comes to business activities, most people don’t even question the tasks at hand.  They simply look for ways to do them in less time and get them over with – not once considering the possibility that perhaps they might better use their time and focus to explore creating a business that feels sensually delightful to participate in.     The busy-ness of business is like a socially acceptable plague, in which nobody even questions the cracked skin, oozing sores, and bloodshot eyes of those who are sick – because everyone has the same systems and has come to accept them as normal.

Once filed under the category of “livelihood,” a bizarre phenomenon occurs, in which business becomes like ridiculously unsatisfying sex.  One partner, believing the goal is to come, tries to move as quickly and forcefully as possible in order to hurry up and achieve climax, then falls asleep and wakes up ready to start the day applying the same principle to everything.   The other partner, feeling unfulfilled, begins believing there’s something wrong with her for wanting more pleasure, more slowness, more sensuality, and stops expecting or asking for actual connection.

And pretty soon, everybody is unsatisfied, bored, looking elsewhere for a jolt of aliveness, while meanwhile taking pride in looking *very* busy.

When in fact, the thing that everyone *really* wants most, is the thing they’re least likely to choose – because it requires slowing down and sensually experiencing the richness of THIS moment, and doing it again, and again, and again, and again… until they’ve gradually recalibrated their nervous system to normalize a more delicious depth of aliveness.

Only then can new choices be made, that allow new trajectories of enjoyment to unfold.

Because if you’re not able to enjoy the moment that’s here now, there’s no such thing as a “future” that will provide anything different.

What would it take to bring the satisfaction of the most delicious, lovingly prepared meal, to this moment – no matter what the external circumstances?   It’s a feeling to be generated, and no one and no thing can generate it but you.

What would it take to rethink how you do business, so that everything about your work becomes like the most satisfying, meaningful, passionate, intimate sex? 

And why would you do it any other way? 

Just because instant gratification exists, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice.

Just because efficiency is an option, doesn’t mean that it’s the most effective approach.

To give yourself permission to live in joy, means finding the courage to rethink everything.

You’re a more powerful creator than you realize.  How you choose to direct your power, is also your creation – and you can uplevel it at anytime.

Pass the salad, please.